Although they don’t have any fixed holidays,But as long as they want,They can do what they like,I can give myself a holiday at any time。

Because Xiao Fan is their biggest boss,So Xiao Fan thinks they should have a holiday and will give them a holiday,But other employees of the company have statutory holidays or weekends,they do not,So only Xiao Fan came to give them a holiday。
Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty Five Extremely angry
Yiming doesn’t plan to let Chu Yao solve these things on her own,Because after all is a girl,So Yiming is worried about what other changes will happen,Once something happens,Like Shen Lin last time,It’s too late for him to regret。
So he didn’t allow Chu Yao to have any accidents,He can’t afford the consequences,He will definitely accompany Chu Yao to do something。
If Chu Yao had any accidents,This is definitely not what anyone wants to see,No one wants to see something like this happen,Even more reluctant to see such things happen to his friends,He did not want,Not willing,Not even more。
Chu Yao looked at Yiming’s nervous look and did not stop,Since he wants to go,Then let him go,He would be anxious if he was waiting in the company,Or it’s worrying him,Chu Yao also feels distressed,So I decided to go with him。
Besides, there is an extra guarantee for two people,Can handle things as quickly as possible,The boss is waiting for them to go to the beach together。
And Chu Yao really feels very moved,Because under normal circumstances,The boss will not take his employees out to play,I want to live my own life。
But Xiao Fan might want to take them out to relax every time,So I don’t care about it at all,This is also a place that moved Chu Yao and Yiming very much。
Although the two of them didn’t say anything,But I still feel very grateful,This kind of uncompromising invitation to them,Anyone will be very moved。
Yiming and Chu Yao came to an address of those people she found,Understand that they have done a lot of bad deeds,And then more than this。
Although I touched Xiao Fan’s inverse scale this time,But actually they did a lot of things,Hurt other people。
Other people have no way to solve them or there is no evidence and no means,Let them throw themselves into the net and get them punished,So I can only swallow。
Chu Yao found out everything this time,So Chu Yao will definitely make them pay the price of ownership,Chu Yao is a relatively just person。
Before entering the base,Xiao Fanyuan once did not want to accept her because of such a kind of righteousness in her,Because Xiao Fan felt that if he had a mission,,May face many choices between justice and injustice。
At that time you can’t judge what is right and wrong,Who is right and who is wrong,Who should you help,So in this case, Xiao Fan felt that if he hesitated for a mission,,May do many things wrong。
A dangerous existence for myself and the people around me,But Chu Yao firmly told Xiao Fan that she knew what was right and what was wrong。