“Xiao Fan,You are back!Didn’t you say you went to pick up my granddaughter??People?”Wang Dahua turned to Xiao Fan with a smile。

In fact,It’s not that Wang Dahua started to like Xiao Fan,But at the moment Wang Dahua saw Xiao Fan,Wang Dahua suddenly wanted to understand one thing。
That’s if you take the initiative to tell Liu Chunlan about that car,Doesn’t it seem that I am too deliberate。
but,Now Xiao Fan is back,If I told Liu Chunlan about this through his mouth,Wouldn’t it better reflect the truth of this matter?,Instead of appearing to be particularly worried about Liu Chunlan’s eight thousand shocking expenses。
“Grandma,Yoona went to the car,I came in first。”Xiao Fan said with a smile。
“Oh,Stopped!”Wang Dahua also deliberately“parking”The wording of these two words has increased the volume。
It’s as if it was intentionally or unintentionally prompted。
“Xiao Fan,Didn’t you drive out in a car today??Yoona also drove to work,How come back,You only drive one car?”Liu Chunlan asked deliberately。
“Oh,Shouldn’t the car I drove need maintenance?,So I just opened it for maintenance,The fake we often maintain the car4Sshop,Isn’t it near the Lin Group??and so,I go directly to the company,I got back in Yoona’s car.。”Xiao Fan explained。
to be frank,Liu Chunlan didn’t expect Xiao Fan to give himself such a reply.。
But then I changed my mind,There is nothing wrong with Xiao Fan’s answer,At least it can save a lot of trouble,Isn’t it?
then,Liu Chunlan who understands this,He also smiled and said to Xiao Fan immediately:“Xiao Fan,Still thoughtful of you,That car,It seems that the maintenance time has already passed,If it wasn’t for you to open it for maintenance today,Your dad and I don’t know when,To remember?”
Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty Nine Prepare meals
Although Xiao Fan wondered why Liu Chunlan suddenly spoke to herself like this,but,Doubts are just doubts for a while,Just such a smart person as Xiao Fan,How could he not understand。
When he drove away from Lin’s house,,He knew this. Liu Neng and his family would definitely throw the black pot like a car crash on his head.,and so,Now it seems,Before they,Should have been because of this,Had an argument。
Although Xiao Fan didn’t know what Liu Neng and his family said in the end,But as far as Xiao Fan looks at Liu Chunlan’s attitude towards him,Liu Neng and his family probably didn’t get any benefits。