“What am i afraid,Who stipulated that only people from your family should kill me,I can’t kill you!”

Talking,Chen Xiu casually erected his palm as a knife,Cut out。
No gorgeous knife light,No sharp sword style,But after Chen Xiu slashed out,Liu Yuanming in the front did feel the tremendous pressure,This knife seems to have blocked all his way at once,No matter which direction it is from, it is to avoid it。
As for parry,The bone in the right hand has broken,He didn’t return hope。
In a hurry,Liu Yuanming suddenly crushed the jade pendant hanging on his chest,A black wall of air rises in front of me。
Chen Xiu’s palm hits the black air wall,More like crashing into a fishing net,Palm strength,But there is nothing to do,Pushed by the air wall,Pop up,Originally, he was cast away violently,The rebound force must also be very strong,Hit the cave to the top of the rock wall,Directly into the stone wall,Was smashed out of a human form。
If Chen Xiu didn’t practice the I Ching Bone Forging Technique at this time,,Physical tyranny,It’s just that this counter-shock power is enough for him to vomit blood three times。
“This……This guy actually has a killer!”
Chen Xiu was already confident,How did you know that Liu Yuanming still had this trick?!
Liu Yuanming saw Chen Xiu come down from the cliff,It’s just some skin trauma,I was more shocked than Chen Xiu,Know that the jade pendant on his chest is a secret amulet given by the ancestors of the Liu family,It contains 10% of the strength of the ancestors。
When the situation is critical,Just crush the jade pendant to release it to save your life。Unexpectedly, Chen Xiu’s resistance to the strength of the ancestor 10% was not injured.!
Now Liu Yuanming dare to stay more,Black ran away from the cave。
Chen Xiu was worried that Liu Yuanming would use the same black qi just now,I can’t resist it,Thinking about how to get out,I don’t want Liu Yuanming to run away first。He immediately understood:“That black qi must not be his own power,He was released once,Must not be used anymore!”
“Where to run!”
Chen Xiu chased after him,One step is more than ten meters。
At this time, the two people are almost the same,It’s just that the darkness in the cave outside can’t be seen,Liu Yuanming has concerns and cannot run at full speed,Chen Xiu’s blessing speed with perspective eyes is not limited。
I heard the breaking wind from behind,But Chen Xiu has already approached,Liu Yuanming’s palm condenses three points to return to vitality,Throw directly,The target is not Chen Xiu,But aimed at the top of the cave。