“Want to know,Hurry up and tell me!”Sato Junji couldn’t wait to ask。

“Oh!”Qiao Tianyu nodded,I slowly wiped a handful of shit off my body,Put it in front of Sato Junji。
“Although this shit is not fresh five hours ago,But the taste is ok,Still so smelly!”
“Come,You ate this shit,I’ll tell you。”
First0005chapter Xi Ti disciple one
“you!You deceived too much!”
Seeing Qiao Tianyu forcing him to eat shit,Sato Juner’s face is green,Pointing at Qiao Tianyu and shouting。
For a time,Countless people ate melons,Especially those candidates who missed the top three,They even spread all the annoyance and grievances that were not finalized on Sato Junji。
“Eat,what are you waiting for?!”
Just at this time,A majestic figure appeared in the trading center,With an unquestionable command tone,Gave the final order to Junji Sato。
Say this person looks like a typical white elite,Age around fifty,Tall nose、Deep eyes,Unsmiling haughty face。
With that neat high-end suit,A strong and suffocating aura pounces on the face,Make people feel aggressive!
Yes,This is the one who will shake the world in the future、Richard Lehman Brothers·Fuld!
This man is not easy!
since1969Lehman Brothers,Fuld, a soldier, started as a trader,Step by step to become a company executive。