But it can’t test the limits of Xia Chenglong,In fact, his body is already above this level,After all, the endless sealing just sealed his realm,There is no way to change his body。

So this pressure is not enough for him。
“Everybody,You climb slowly,I’ll see what’s ahead。”
Xia Chenglong finished,Speed up,Instantly became the first of all。
“I rely on!”
Mo Qilin saw Xia Chenglong running forward,There is only one sentence in my heart“I rely on”,Then I can’t find any words。
Obviously he is also the level of the eighth rank entering the holy realm,Is one level behind Xia Chenglong,But this gap is too big, right,Simply not human。
This is god。
As for the others,Their heart is similar to Mo Qilin,Although the one in front is their city lord,But I still want to compare it。
But this feeling was completely crushed next,The two are not at the same level。
this one,this one?