These twenty-fourth generation zombies all have kung fu,The weakest is also the peak of external power,They are masters of fighting,Definitely not like a street fight,Sometimes even though there are many people,But the offense will come first,Give Chen Xiu a chance to break them one by one。

These twenty-four generations of zombies know that no one’s personal force is Chen Xiuyi’s enemy,When defending is to adopt collective defense,Once Chen Xiu attacked that person,They are collective rescue,Make Chen Xiu afraid to pursue and kill with all his strength,Lest you kill one,Instead, I was punched by the rest of the people;
When attacking,More than 20 people are attacking again,Although Chen Xiu’s spirit is tyrannical,The fist is not less than ten thousand catties under the blessing of true energy,But I can’t stand the teamwork of more than 20 people。
It is absolutely impossible for Chen Xiu to kill them quickly,On the contrary, I was entangled by more than 20 people and couldn’t get away!
Although Zhang Yuantu has more than 20 more people than planned,But all five generations of zombies,These people don’t know martial arts,It’s just a bit more aggressive than the street gangster。
But these people are afraid of the gun in Zhang Yuantu’s hand,Just surrounded by Zhang Yuantu,No one dares to take the lead。
Zhang Yuantu has real energy,Except for the pistol coated with bezoar powder,I still have black dog blood on my body、The mahogany sword is a magic weapon to restrain zombies,Instead, he let him kill a few fifth-generation zombies in the chaos,Opened a hole。
844 Split the car
Zhang Yuantu fired several shots in a row with his right hand,The left hand even grabbed a handful of cinnabar and spread it like no money,So that more than twenty five generations of zombies have evaded。
“Chen Xiu,Here!”
Chen Tao looked back,Seeing Zhang Yuantu, he opened a gap and snatched a jeep and drove toward the airport.,I don’t want to entangle these zombies,Directly raise the right palm,With a huge knife。
“It’s sword spirit,Everyone avoid!”
Four generations of zombies are scattered around to avoid,Chen Xiu took advantage of this gap,Unfold light work,One step is five、Six meters,The three vertical jumps are already on top of the jeep。
More than forty zombies jumped into the car and chased them from behind.。
Chen Xiu looked back,I saw that a few cars passed by. Many cars gradually approached。