Huang Rong and Xiao Zhao,Being a blush by the Chu Deirers,At the same time, there is a little worried。

Can’t stand in the month,Interrupt Chu Deborn:“More this line is dead!”
Zhao Min quietly explored the cabin to see an eye,Discover that the moon has been separated by white yarn,Although I have half a half,But obviously no longer restricts other people don’t want to come in。
Chu Deirers are eating.,Cure——Not only her own love is clean,And I can’t stand it.,dirty、Several people baked,And her on a boat。
Chu Deirers are not lying,Originally, the sea is from the hill island,On the second three days,However, on the one hand, the map in the big river is larger.,On the other hand, this is from Jiaxing out of the sea.,Just seven days,Not to mention……Chu Deirers are all driven by internal force、Outbound distraction capacity is also general,More than a few more time is still inevitable。
more importantly,Chu Dee people don’t worry,Even if you want to delay more。
This environment is very good!
Chu Dee people at this time《Ming Yucheng》In the chest,I have already found that the moon’s mood is discovered.“defect”。
On the one hand, it is to cultivate《Ming Yucheng》,On the other hand, it is also a person who invited the month.——She is completely placed on her own“Aseptic environment”,To ensure yourself“Heartbead”。
So to crack its mood,Chu Deirers feel that not only can she realize it,How love yourself?,Also change ideas……
Just like martial arts,Although it is above,But the argument is not as good as yourself.!
Chu Deirers,Even he can’t eat ten days and a half months.、Not to go to the toilet,Inviting the moon, will definitely do not do it.。
It’s really a fairy,Don’t go to the toilet?
I will see if she wants her toilet.,Is putting it in the cabin,Still you come out,Anyway, the Chu Deirers look outside.……
There is also an invitation month to die.,Usually based on white water cooking,Not only don’t eat,Jogetic octave,but……I can’t save so many vegetables in the sea.。
If you want to think about yourself at the beginning,You can also use Ming Yuxin’s refrigeration,Forced to save fruits and vegetables,But……
The big palace master obviously does not have the experience of the sea.,Chu Deiren did not remind her。
Have been waiting for a few days,Grilled fish、How long can you be hungry?!
Even with Chu Deiren’s practitioners、Especially the ability to replenishment,The problem of drinking sea water is not big,You can force salt mines at all,But the martial arts is higher,But it is not necessary to do this step.——Freshwater is still not saved too long,So we bring light alcohol……
what?I didn’t remind you?
You didn’t ask!
There is a kind of you kill me.!
Anyway, everyone is on a small ship.,Really play,All buried in the sea……
“What are you smirking??”Inviting the month, suddenly。
“Cough,nothing,A while……Moon,You still need to be hot green.?Rong Rong,Born,Invitation moon likes to eat brittle。”Chu deer specially reminded。
kindness,The first few days,Can save fruits and vegetables still bring,Otherwise, invite the month to go back.,Chu Deirers can’t stop。
Chu Deirers have more feelings of their own wit……
Chapter 689 Boat
July 2,The moon is aware that the problem is not simple.——“Solve”The problem,First appearance。