75-year-old factory "dressup" welcomes 1946 Wenchuangyuan turned into a new landmark of Mudanjiang

This is a slogan that is full of old plants in the year, green forest, retro red brick wall, "drums and weak, strive for the upstream" seem to bring people return to the old time; this is also a new version of the new The park, the Russian arcade is unique, the painting of the graffiti wall is personality, the robot of the gear is spelled in the street "hit" the drum, the modernity is full … This new old element is integrated, retro style and literary fan Part of the place is the 4th Heilongjiang Province Travel General Assembly Project – located in the 1946 Wenchuang Park in Dong’an District, Mudanjiang City. At the beginning of 2021, the park was upgraded and upgraded with a new attitude, and became a new landmark of Mudanjiang, and the net red card.

In the dangerous search machine, "turned" in the "Transformed" Wenchuang Park 1946 Wenchuangyuan is the woodworking processing plant area – Songjiang Yaming Peony River Machinery Factory. "1946" is the year established by the woodworking processing plant.

The 59-year-old Xue Liyan is the old household in Dong’an District. She witnessed the changes in the woodworking processing plant. "My dad is the employee of the woodworking processing plant. I am growing in the factory for a child, and I carry out a generation of Mudanjiang’s industrial memories.

"After entering the new era, the woodworking processing plant has become the past, but it has been in the 23 plant, how to use the building area of ??10,000 square meters, becoming a topic in front of us.

Yang Zhiguo, director of the Dong’an Department of OECD, Mudanjiang City, said, "We don’t want a ‘cultural relics" that can only look at it, but hope to let the old factory rejuvenate in the old building. "In 2016, in accordance with the standards of" refunding the second into three "in the national industrial base, Dong’an District, Mudanjiang City, to establish a cultural and creative industrial park on the site of the old factory.

Yang Zhi, said: "Culture Park uses’ industrial remains" as the theme, integrates " Cultured industry new highland.

"The project settled in the establishment of Mudanjiang Wencheng, 2017, 1946 Wenchuang Park officially established. Relying on policy advantages, park attracting Dong’an Zhicuk, Olympic International Fitness Center, Cprous Nutrition Food, Mudanjiang Modern Art Museum, Mudanjiang Local Artist Studio, etc. The remaining items are stationed.

At the northwest corner of Wenchuang Park, there is a brick-red building. Here is the robot education Mudanjiang practice base. Director of the Office of the Work Committee in the Penganjiang Contact Office said: "In 2018, we settled in Wen Wenyuan through investment in the Dong’an District. Under the strong support of Dong’an District, the base was rapidly developed. On July 23, we held the ‘Dongan Cup’ National Youth Robot Innovation The Challenge opened in 1946 Wenchuangyuan, from 1827 players from 20 provinces in the country to Mudanjiang.

"Memories of the competition, Yu Tao said proudly," Heilongjiang is carrying out the ‘five-color’ research activities, our base is one of Heilongjiang Province Blue Research Practice Education Base, will have more primary and secondary school students to visit, learn, We will build a platform for the national youth robot enthusiasts.

"Distance to the robot’s Mudanjiang practice base is not far from the 1946 Wenchuang Garden – Ancient Road Network Media Company. This is a company based on new cultural network literature IP branded companies, with eargan, Xiaoxiang winter More than 400 sets of four white gold-class writers, network signing writers, the company IP knowledge is valued for 2 billion. In 2017, the ancient road media and reading group jointly organized the online literary creation summit, more than 100 online literature elites gathered in 1946 The garden, the first network literature company and the local government cooperation.

Yang Zhi Guo said: "In recent years, the park has attracted many artist to settle in, forming a famous Mudanjiang Cultural Phenomenon. Today, 1946 Wenchuangyuan is the largest cultural park in Mudanjiang, introducing social capital into 100 million yuan, annual sales income of 3 billion yuan The above, realizing the annual profit tax of 30 million yuan, the circulation has driven 3,000 employment, and has become a new business card for Mudanjiang Wenchuang Industries. "Open the door to the guests and peony rivers to add new landmarks to welcome the 4th Heilongjiang Provincial Travel Conference, 1946 Wenchuangyuan Upgrade modification in early 2021. On July 10th, the transformation of Wenchuang Park officially opened, and became a red card in Mudanjiang New Network.

Stepping into the park, the iron gray old machine is distributed on the Wenchuang Park Industrial Square; the ground sculpture records the brilliant creation of generations of wood workers; retro red brick walls, brushing "with grain as an outline" Sloganese; tall chimney, rusty iron tube, copper-rust color sculpture, in silently telling the industrial history here; landscape, painted graffiti wall, literary fan full night lamp, and injecting modern elements into the park.

The newly built Red City Theater became the popular attraction of the park.

"Here, visitors can go to the stage, but also wear a play to take pictures, very fun." Liu Yang, 25 years old. "

But her favorite, or Maya Entertainment Factory, Hutong Music Bar, Wood Engineering and Occupation Cultural Entertainment Project, "Substance, Creative Creative".

For tourists, 1946 Wenchuangyuan is a tattoo. However, for the old households of Mudanjiang, this is a place to record urban development and is the new landmark of Mudanjiang.

Xue Liyan often comes here, "The garden door is open, my heart is bright, I have to go see it, it seems to go home." Yang Zhi Guo introduced, during the 4th Heilongjiang Province Travel Conference, 1946 The park will be active, highlighting the park vitality. "Next, the park will hold a variety of activities such as the Sino-Russian Photography Exhibition, the Park Beer Culture Festival, Guo Chao Culture Festival, highlight the characteristics of Dong’an District, improve urban cultural connotation, use cultural integrity, use brand, use special Industry.

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