First111chapter Difficult

Tian Lu thought that things should be done according to the rules,Will feel at ease。
Even if she knows how many staff in the writing department“whisper”Small talk,What rules should I complain about?,The system restricts them。
Draft a management rule,Not restricting their personal freedom,But it helps to promote work,Why are they so angry?,Do you have to be pampered??
She can’t understand these staff。What happened to these subordinates,Can’t say,Can’t move,So squeamish,Don’t want to pay attention to them。
But Tian Lu didn’t realize,In the future, when arranging the work of the writing department, I will often go against her,Deliberately not listening to her arrangements,Work for her,Hidden dangers and obstacles are buried,Even after the rules are released,In vain。but,This summary,Only found out in a long time of dealings。
That night,Tian Lu puts the list of common errors in the text department on the performance penalty rules。
Work the next day,Tian Lu sends the discussion paper to the writing department,Solicit their opinions。The staff did not express their opinions clearly and truthfully,I almost never read the draft,Even watch,I’m also looking at flowers,And then he gave Tian Lu a reply soon:No comment。
Tian Lu really thought she was fine,In fact, the text department is angry,Silent protest:Do whatever Tian Lu says。
Tian Lu is not stupid,She faintly felt the problem,But it won’t work if there is no detailed rules。
After the penalty rules are drafted,Report to Xuchang as required,Xuchang approved。
Tian Lu goes through the issuance process,Officially published an article in the name of the studio in the industrial park,And issue a manpower。
I thought that after the penalty rules were issued,Tian Lu’s workload will be less。Unexpectedly the same as before,What should be wrong or will be wrong,What Tian Lu should change will still change word by word。
later,When paying wages to the writing department,Mark these errors in daily records、Take out the basis for deduction。
After the writing department learned,Throw books and books to vent their dissatisfaction。
Tian Lu sees it,I am also afraid that the work will not be carried out in the future,Softhearted,I didn’t deduct points for the text section according to the penalty rules,Deduction means deduction。Involving their vital interests,Tian Lu doesn’t want to be so awesome,No points deducted,But I hope they pay attention when writing,This time is equivalent to the reminder text department。
this matter,The writing department is not grateful to Tian Lu,The grievances left over from my heart have not changed for a long time in my future work。
Tian Lu’s workload is still the same,No reduction,In other words,The penalty rules are in vain。
Below“Braid”,Tian Luren is kind,Not reported。