Lungs for breathing,Visualize by heart,So the heart and lungs are two internal organs that Lu Menglin can control。

He recalled《Zhen Wu Ju Li Jue》Chapters in,I cultivated my true martial power with my own ideas,In fact, this huge force is not made out of nothing,The life potential of the human body is still mobilized。
So Lu Menglin thinks,As long as it can fully mobilize life potential,Strengthen the heart and lungs,It is possible to regain consciousness in one’s body。
unconsciously,It’s another full moon night。
Lu Menglin is lying on this hospital bed,It’s almost half a month。
In the eyes of others,His appearance is no different from the living dead,But he did practice silently,And practiced so utterly,Almost forgot myself。
After more than half a month of mental training,He can already use the power of visualization,Control your body’s pores closed,The first is the arm,Then the chest,To the legs and lower body。
This way of controlling pore closure by intention,For 99% of people in this world,There is no use for eggs,But for Lu Menglin,But it represents one’s own control over the body again。
Although it’s just a little bit so trivial,But for him at this moment,Is also a great incentive。
Joy in suffering,Focus on。Because Lu Menglin firmly believes,As long as you insist,Persevere hard,Must be able to move again。
In the past, when the body was normal, only one thought was needed,The arm moved,But now the instructions to the body are transmitted from the brain,But it’s not transmitted by the nerve endings in the body,But through another indescribable unknown way,Act directly on the body,It can only close the pores temporarily。
Lu Menglin didn’t know what this method meant,He just wants to move,I hope my body can move,Even if it’s just extremely slow movement。
The moonlight outside the window has fallen to the west,In the middle of the night。
The door suddenly opened,Two people came in。
Lu Menglin’s ears have been extremely sensitive,This moment,He woke up immediately。
It’s just that he didn’t know it was so late and suddenly someone touched the door,Good or bad,So there is no sound,But squinted,Keep pretending to sleep。