Commander Xiao and Gong Gong Jian are standing by。

“Blade Commando,It really deserves its reputation,”Qin Hao opened his mouth。
The pupils of the three people shrank sharply,But then his face calmed down。
Qin Hao observed this slight change in expression,So he has a better grasp of himself。
It can be seen from here,They still have feelings for the Blades。
Otherwise, there would be no such strong mood swings。
“Just say anything,Don’t need to be roundabout,”Qiuku said directly。
“Right,We all know what you are going to do,Want us to join you?”
“Want us to join,It’s not that simple,”Li Chao said immediately。
“How about the three of us,I don’t like being under someone weaker than myself,If you want us to join,Gestures。”
At this time, Wang Santong’s words came over,Qin Hao raised an eyebrow。
“As long as you win us,Then we have nothing to say,We’ll go with you。”
“how about it,Kid,I’m afraid,”Wang Santong continued。
“You are so embarrassed to say this,Three on one?”
At this moment,Huang Xiaoding can’t help it anymore。
Is this obviously playing them like monkeys??
“If you don’t want to join, don’t add,Do you really think we can’t get people??”
Huang Xiaoding said quickly,Hear what they say,Huang Xiaoding became angry。