At that age, if he must return to China,Wang Yufei feels completely unreasonable to keep others strong in Yuxin Technology,Of course the confidentiality measures are still necessary。

Scientists who want to come here should be able to comply with confidentiality regulations,Or use some special methods……
Ok,He thinks far。
no way,Recently his brain seems to be more active,But I just hung up Tim·Cook’s call for a second,There are many soliciting John in my mind·Martinis Way,I even thought about how long to keep him in the company。
Ok,The task now is to look at his quantum brain,This is the first official test of Quantum Brain,There are more than 20 people outside waiting for him to announce the result。At this time, he should concentrate on monitoring the running state of the quantum brain。
After all, a quantum computer is a sophisticated modern device,A small picometer error inside,It may also cause the entire system to go wrong。
He should be more attentive。
So Wang Yufei turned his head and gave Lu Yuxin a smile that he could grasp,Once again focus on the monitor in front of you,Must concentrate!
Obviously,God always cares for the attentive people。
Finally, the first test machine was a complete success,Total running time1hour12Minute。
Twelve minutes longer than the scheduled time。
The reason is,In the operating room again“Ding”Twice。
It’s not the DingTalk on the phone,But the very beautiful“Ding”sound。
This also means that the quantum brain that runs for the first time has discovered two Mersenne prime numbers.。
This time the digits of the two Mersenne prime numbers both exceeded 100 million。
In other words,The first test machine of Yuxin’s quantum brain,At least one hundred fifty thousand dollars in net profit for the company。
“Thank you all,Xiaozhi’s performance is very good today。Not only did it run smoothly for one hour and twelve minutes,Broke the current world record for stable operation of quantum computers。And it successfully discovered three Mersenne prime numbers。It can be said that this is a perfect test machine。”
Wang Yufei,It’s your nickname for Quantum Brain in your daily work。