Xingquan Zhongruiyuan and other explosive funds, Taurus Fund bought these stocks (list)

Xingquan Zhongruiyuan and other explosive funds, Taurus Fund bought these stocks (list)

Chen Guangming’s affiliated explosive fund heavy stocks were exposed, and the top ten Taurus fund managers bought these stocks (list) Original: Li Huimin Lin Ronghua China Securities Journal in the past two days, Xingquan, Ruiyuan, Nanfang, Wanjia and other large-scale fund companies released three fundsQuarterly report, there is no shortage of funds managed by China’s fund industry Golden Bull Award fund manager.

  Zhongzheng Jun sorted out the core views and position structure of the top ten Taurus fund managers including Xingquan Fund of Xingquan Fund of Xingquan Fund, Cao Mingchang of CEIBS Fund, Fu Pengbo of Ruiyuan Fund, etc. and shared with readers.

  On the whole, a large number of Taurus funds maintained high positions in the third quarter and moderately adjusted their positions. More attention was paid to safety margins and undervaluation when selecting stocks.

From a medium and long-term perspective, the Taurus fund manager is optimistic about A shares and believes that A shares are the best domestic asset. China’s stock market will usher in the best long-term development stage and its attractiveness will gradually emerge.

  Chen Guangming’s Ruiyuan Fund’s first public offering product-fund Ruiyuan growth value mix disclosed three quarterly reports today, Fu Pengbo, fund manager and deputy general manager of Ruiyuan Fund, said that fund positions increased in the third quarter.During the market adjustment process, some core and key companies have been allocated more.

  From the perspective of industry distribution, the fund focuses on the allocation of TMT, pharmaceutical and biological, chemical materials, food and beverage and other sub-sectors. The structure of the portfolio is balanced and focused.

  From the perspective of individual stocks, companies with a small number of excellent, endogenous and sustained rapid growth, and development directions in line with industrial policies have carefully examined their valuation levels.

  The quarterly report shows that as of the end of the third quarter, the fund’s position has been from 79 at the end of June.

96% increased to 89.


  Data source of Ruiyuan’s top ten heavy storage stocks in the third quarterly report: The core assets of the third quarterly report continue to be held by some Taurus fund managers.

Xing Quanhe, the helm of popular funds such as Xingquan Herun Grading, Xie Zhiyu, winner of the 16th Golden Bull Award “five-year hybrid”, said that the position of the report office is stable, and core positions have not changed much.

Structurally, the consumption of early-term holders, insurance leaders and some high-quality manufacturing leaders still insisted on holding until significant changes were observed in the medium and long-term logic.

The overall configuration is based on medium and long-term logical support, appropriate medium and long-term value diversity, and overall structure balance.

  As of the end of the third quarter, the stock position of Xingquan Herun Graded Hybrid Fund was 91.

78%. At the end of the third quarter, it continued to hold Longji shares, Ping An of China, Yonghui Supermarket, Jianyou shares, Tongwei shares and other heavy stocks.

  Xingquan Herun’s top ten heavy stocks at the end of the third quarter Source: The third quarter reports the stock positions at the end of the third quarter as high as 93.

92% of Zhong Geng Small Cap Value Equity Fund Manager Qiu Dongrong said that in the third quarter, he insisted on an undervalued value investment strategy, maintained a high position, and strived to establish a positive risk exposure for the investment portfolio, thereby higher risk compensation.

  At the same time, a large number of stocks that actively explore and expand three advantages from bottom to top: First, good fundamentals, with macro forecasts, low correlation of population cycle risk, and independent continuous growth; second, underestimation, higher hiddenIncluding the rate of return; Third, industries and companies with relatively dispersed industry and style risks. Some biomedicine, technology, high-end manufacturing, fine chemicals, etc. have low correlations with macrocyclical and structural risks, and have the ability to continuously generate long-term industries and industries.the company.

  The top ten heavy storage stocks of Zhonggeng Small Cap Value Stocks in the third quarterly report Source: Mo Haibo, the manager of 10,000 selected mixed funds in the third quarterly report, said that in the third quarter of the investment, the structure was still allocated to undervalued, high dividend real estate, finance,As well as the infrastructure sector and performance that benefited from counter-cyclical adjustments gradually entered the cashing-out agricultural sector, the overall position was basically the same as in the second quarter. The fluctuations in fundamental stocks and the changes in fundamentals were mainly adjusted within the sector.

  According to the third quarterly report, as of the end of 杭州桑拿 the third quarter, 10,000 selected mixed positions reached 88.


  The top ten heavy storage stocks of Wanjia Selected Mixed Three Quarterly Report Source: Cai Xiangyang, manager of the China Quarterly Return Mixed Fund in the third quarterly report, said that the overall position was maintained in the third quarter, but structural adjustments were made in the direction of holding liquor and increasing pharmaceutical holdings.Mainly, the stocks in the real estate-related industry chain were appropriately reduced.

  The top ten heavy storage stocks in the three quarterly reports of Huaxia mixed data source: The third quarterly report focuses on the safety margin and underestimates the overall market shocks in the third quarter. The Taurus fund manager also pays more attention to the safety margin when selecting stocks.

  Dong Chengfei, a manager of Xingquan Trends 南宁桑拿 Investment Mixed Fund, which has won 7 Golden Bull Awards before and after, said that while maintaining overall positions, he increased his holdings of stocks with higher margins of safety.

He said that the fund’s asset allocation ratio is basically the same as in the second quarter, and some fine adjustments have been made to the position structure to increase the holdings of some stocks with higher safety margins.

  Three quarterly reports show that its stock position is 83.


  Xingquan Trends Investment mixed the top ten heavy storage stocks Data Source: Third Quarterly Report China-Europe Value Discovery Hybrid Fund has won the Golden Bull Award five times and won a three-year hybrid Taurus Fund in the 16th Golden Bull Award. Its manager Cao Mingchang said that ChinaThere is pressure on the macroeconomic growth rate, but the magnitude is very strong, the economic structure is more complete, healthy, the economic quality is steadily improved, and the risk of the financial system is changing, which can withstand the external shocks of the royal family; the business environment of the enterprise is gradually improving, and various policies have benefited the manufacturing industry.To the benefit of residents, this optimization of internal distribution is the source of long-term sustainable economic development, and corporate earnings growth is the basis for the long-term upward trend of the stock market.

The counter-cyclical adjustment policy has increased, and overall liquidity is abundant and conducive to the recovery of the bottom of the economy and to the stability of market returns.

  Fringe friction will exist for a long time in the future, competition will be normalized, and a high probability will be reached, but competition in the field of science and technology will not disappear. This factor will gradually become accustomed to the market in the future, and the impact on the market will become smaller and smaller.

  The top ten heavy storage stocks of China-Europe Value Discovery mixed data source: the third quarter report, the stock position 84 at the end of the third quarter.

62% of Bank of Communications Schroder Alpha ‘s core fund manager He Shuai also said that in the context of relatively loose liquidity and the expected return of other large assets, the attractiveness of the capital market may gradually emerge.

  From the situation in the third quarter, the specific performance is in two directions. The first is that the industry with significant growth opportunities in the future may have a significant increase in estimates, and the second is that the high-quality “core assets” may be steadily improved.

  Sources of Bank of Communications Schroder Alpha ‘s top ten heavy stocks Source: Three quarterly report Qiu Dongrong further pointed out the risks that need attention in the future, including the release of risk reduction, structurally including economic structural changes, the real estate industry chain and supply-side reform benefit areasStructural high profit risks, as well as long-term population marginal effects, long-term trends affecting labor and consumption risks.

  In terms of liquidity risk, we are concerned about the relatively large scale, relatively concentrated positions, and the risk of increasing variability caused by the inflow and swap of foreign exchange that is highly relevant to the global market, especially the US market.

  For the market outlook, the Taurus Fund Manager plans: Fu Pengbo, Ruiyuan Growth Value Mixed Fund Manager: Looking forward to the fourth quarter, it will combine the financial and operating data of the three quarterly reports to optimize the position structure, tap new investment opportunities, and reserve more outstanding targets for the portfolio.

  Xingquan Herun Fund Manager Xie Zhiyu: Looking forward to the market outlook, the market will be volatile in the third quarter, and the various sectors will clearly differentiate.The overall market’s risk appetite has improved, 5G construction and information-intensive release of mobile phones, and technology stocks have performed relatively well.

  Cao Mingchang, Manager of China-Europe Value Discovery Mixed A Fund: The Chinese stock market is the best domestic large-scale asset and a very good choice for global financial assets. The Chinese stock market will usher in the best long-term historical development stage.

  Style is still optimistic about value-growth blue chips and low-value blue chips, and insist on investment in such stocks.

The best market performance in the past two years is the industries and stocks that are related to economic indicators, chasing security assets, counter-cyclical assets, and core assets. The estimates of such assets are generally high, and only a few stocks are undervalued.Pay more attention to low-estimated stocks in industries with higher economic relevance.

  He Shuai, the core fund manager of Bank of Communications Schroder Alpha: In the future, I hope that the research will find some new changes and industries that have good growth in the future. If more high-quality assets are found, the relevant investments will be effective and better margins of safety. Without participating in the estimation of possible bubblesCompany or industry.

  Mo Haibo, Manager of Wanjia Select Mixed Fund: Looking forward to the fourth quarter, it is a critical period for the transformation and upgrading of China’s economic structure. The stock market as a whole is at a long-term bottom, and the downward space is not large. It has penetrating investment value.

  In the blue chip segment, banks and real estate are estimated to be very low, which is a costly investment depression, and there is a crack in the rising space. In the growth segment, after a period of rapid growth adjustment, the performance matches the estimate and has core competitiveness advantages.Leaders in the technology-growth industry that have been evaluated and improved by independent innovation are relatively strong.

  Zhu Shaoxing, Manager of Wells Fargo Tianhui Growth Hybrid Fund: Individual stock selection criteria, the fund chooses to invest in companies with good “corporate genes”, a sound corporate governance structure, and an excellent enterprise.

This type of enterprise has the probability that it can achieve the expected growth in the future.

Sharing the capital market income brought by the company’s own growth is the best way for growth funds to obtain income.