“Yangshan found someone to threaten my child,If I didn’t do what this guy said,My child may be unemployed by then,I am also a victim of this incident。”

“Please tell Qin Feng,I don’t have any good ideas about this matter。”
A group of people kept saying,They also know very well that they must shake the pot now。
then,One person just throws things on Yangshan。
Yangshan is also a little helpless,He really didn’t expect the pressure to be that great。
at this moment,His breathing is a little short。
Because he thought of a very important thing,That is whether I can continue to mix here?
To know,If the village rejects him,,It is really possible that all kinds of things will happen。
“I also said things according to the law,You know that Qin Feng made so much money,And he might have hacked a lot of money,Otherwise, how could he have some jade??”
I still saw him today
Gave Jiang Yan a piece of jade,If there is nothing weird about this,Do you believe?
Yangshan also asked this question。
Many people looked at Yangshan with doubts,Their hearts are a bit complicated,If they don’t want Qin Feng to be unlucky,That is impossible。