Wang Youcai suddenly smiled and said:“mom!The woman in the city is pregnant,Didn’t work until the time of labor,So delicate as you said。Moreover,The doctor said to exercise more,This is good for the fetus“

“Then rent a house!But the marriage got married in Xiping Village,After getting married,You go back to rent a house in the city,No discussion about this,Call your wife right away”Wang Degui said very firmly。
Wang Youcai took out his phone,So I called Ni Xiaoli,His attitude is very blunt,If you don’t agree to his dad’s request,,This marriage is over。
It didn’t take long to hang up,Ni Xiaoli called and said,Her family agreed to do this。Wang Degui smiled and said:“Is that right!Time is March 28th of the lunar calendar,Ten days left。Tomorrow you will take me to Xiaoli’s house,Let me tell people the time,Let’s pass the bride price”
Wang Youcai replied a little helplessly,He really doesn’t want to get married so early,And you have to be your child’s father as soon as you get married,This is the most unacceptable thing for him。But the family forced him,He can’t do it。
Ten days,Arrived in an instant。Wang Youcai rushed to the city without even eating。
Ni Xiaoli, this woman is not easy,Although her relationship with Wang Youcai is already confirmed,But she didn’t put herself in the position of Wang Youcai’s wife,But listen to Wang Youcai’s words more than before。
This time getting married,If she hadn’t convinced her family,Her parents can’t see Wang Youcai。But when the two old people heard that their daughter was pregnant,And this second brother Wang Youcai is the mayor of Pingdu,When Wang Youcai was also a boss,The two old men reluctantly agreed。
When Wang Youcai took Ni Xiaoli to rent a house,Ni Xiaoli smiled and said to Wang Youcai:“Renting is too uneconomical,And it’s still an old house,It’s better to provide one by yourself,After a few years, this house will become its own”
“You said light,I don’t have so much money,Your parents are asking me for 20,000。Besides, the new house must be renovated no matter what!”Wang Youcai said,Glared at Ni Xiaoli。
Ni Xiaoli seems to have made preparations,I saw her smile and said:“The current house price is not very high,Our existing house in Pingdu is only one thousand two hundred yuan per square meter,Let’s buy a small set,Eight or ninety square meters,Only about 100,000,If you do,40% down payment,Only 40,000 yuan,Repair 20,000 yuan,60,000 yuan in total,Don’t you get enough?”
“60% can be done?But I still don’t have that much,If it wasn’t for the mine manager who had a problem with which worker to see a doctor this time,The money is really no problem at all”Wang Youcai said,Helplessly shook his head。This Ni Xiaoli really regards him as a big boss。
Ni Xiaoli thought for a while and said:“We don’t want the 20,000 yuan gift,Let’s buy a house together!In this case, you can’t say enough!“
Wang Youcai said silently:“enough!“Actually, Wang Youcai now,Still have tens of thousands of dollars,It’s just that he really doesn’t want to buy this house。But Ni Xiaoli just settled for him,He is still a little tempted。Back again,If he really has his own house in Pingdu,Parents can also live here。
Wang Youcai is a filial son,I think my parents have never lived in a building in this life,Really panic。Wang Youcai’s heart moved,I went to the rental company,He couldn’t help but put his feet back。