Autumn protection scorpion seven wonderful tricks to prevent pharyngitis

Autumn protection scorpion seven wonderful tricks to prevent pharyngitis

After clicking the purchase of the autumn festival, the weather gradually turns cold, the weather is dry, the humidity in the air is gradually reduced, the body anti-drying function is reduced, many young people are prone to diseases such as pharyngitis, so how to prevent the autumn dryness, how to protect the throatA big problem.

So what do you do when you are dumb?

Today, Xiaobian brings 7 small tricks to protect the dice. Let’s take a look.

  The liver and the guardian are more likely to rest on the rest of the spring. When the autumn is in the body, the body begins to enter the stage of self-protection. At this time, we must pay more attention to rest.

Let the body be well nursed, and replace the virtual fire in the summer. Otherwise, the body’s anger will cause pharyngitis when it is exposed to external dryness.

  Mouthwash can also prevent laryngitis in the morning, rinse your mouth after meals and before going to bed, brush your teeth, not only can keep your mouth clean, but also help with pharyngitis.

There is also a need to reduce alcohol and smoking.

People who are used to breathing in the mouth also need to get rid of this bad habit.

  Less talk, or slower. Now more and more workplace friends, in order to save work time, improve work efficiency, usually speak quickly.

This seems to save time in “speaking”, but it makes the throat and the respiratory tract exhausted.

Excessive load can cause the throat to age again.

Therefore, the speed of speech should be slowed down, and you should always pause to breathe in between words. Don’t pull too long in one sentence.

  Maintaining the right temperature and humidity in the room Since dry weather is an important cause of pharyngitis, it is important to ensure the freshness and humidity of the indoor air.

The air in the living room is dry and too cold. Excessive amounts can affect the defense function of the laryngeal mucosa, causing dysfunction, abnormal pharyngeal sensation, and worsening chronic pharyngitis.

  Pay attention to the hydration to protect the scorpion. Although some of the cities in the present are still located in the nearby summer, it is already ripe to prove that the dry autumn is coming.

In such a dry season, you must actively hydrate the water, drink warm water, and eat more foods such as lily, white fungus, black fungus, and pear.

Also eat less spicy and irritating food.

  Homemade mangosteen tea is chopped with mangosteen, brewed in boiling water for 10 minutes, and then treated as water, no matter how many times a day, but must be adhered to.

Mangosteen has the function of clearing away lungs and removing phlegm, and relies on thirst and throat. It can treat and prevent dryness and dryness of throat, sore throat, or cough and dry mouth.

  Eat more cold cucumber with a small amount of fresh cucumber, wash, cut into thin slices or small pieces, add soy sauce, sesame oil, salt, MSG, do cold salad, have the effect of going to the fire and swallow.

People who are prone to pharyngeal diseases can insist on eating more cold cucumbers now to prevent the onset of pharyngeal disease during the autumn dryness.