Ten details see through women’s psychology

Ten details see through women’s psychology

Many men always think that women are emotional animals that are difficult to understand. Especially when they first met, once the rules of the game changed, they even felt that it was a game of watching flowers in the mist.

When men see the object they like, the response is usually very direct and simple, and sometimes it will bring a sense of challenge and conquest; and women are much more subtle!

Because most women are very cautious or even hysterical when they first begin to associate with men, but once the relationship becomes closer, the situation will change 180 degrees.

Want to find out?

Let’s start with the subtle expressions and movements of women!

  1. When walking on the road and seeing a boy, a woman who lowers her head actually needs to understand a woman, and her eyes are the most accurate. Most Oriental women will lower their heads involuntarily when they pass out with the opposite sex, but there are also some of them.A different mystery.

If she looks at you with very ordinary eyes, it means that she doesn’t have any special feelings for you, but if the other person looks at you with a very cheerful look and don’t be too happy when you look at her, she may just be in a good mood and you unexpectedEnough!

  When a woman meets his favorite man unexpectedly, she will lower her head involuntarily when she first sees it, but occasionally use her eyes to look at it. If you keep looking at her, she usually keeps her head down or looks elsewhere until you stopI was watching you secretly while watching, of course, some girls will show you back generously, but this is a minority!

Because most women are afraid that they show a good feeling for boys, they will feel casual and frivolous.

  2. The sense of direction is very poor. Women who drive the wrong way often can see some interesting phenomena when they drive.

First of all, they are always cautious. The speed limit is 60 kilometers. They drive at 30 kilometers per hour to show you. Even if there are no buses on the road, people who drive behind the sudden death when turning or parking are the most common fact.Lost, without a sense of direction.

  If she is justified in getting lost in an unfamiliar place, if she is not familiar with her neighborhood or work route, this type of woman is usually very dependent on others, especially prefers to ask for directions directly rather than check the map.Or they do n’t understand the road map better. If they encounter something, they often ask for help, lack of autonomy and subjective ideas. If she is your wife, you must be a 24-hour caregiver as a husband, absolutely not.Make her feel that you are not reliable, otherwise there will be endless racks or even red apricots coming out of the wall!

  3. Women who feel that watching pornography is very disgusting. Usually women will show a low-grade disgusting expression in front of men. In fact, men do n’t care too much. Although some women say that they are disgusting in their mouths,Personal affairs are very curious. When talking about other people’s gossip, they are not ruthless and even cheer for themselves. They are absolutely not lost in soap dramas. They are loyal readers of paparazzi magazines.

  The great thing is!

They often keep talking about their mouths, but they still do it, and then get upset, can’t hold it up and can’t let go. She is afraid that others will notice her private life, so she uses other methods to make people focus.

  4. Most of the women who have a good opinion of middle-aged mature men or bosses are women over 25 years old who will actively look for a gentleman.

Right is the object of marriage. At this time, looks are not as important as dooduojin, and the sense of humor is not equal to the stable and stable personality. All the impressions of Prince Charming when young was a cruel reality, especially women at work often appeared in the company.Middle-level executives around the age of 35 have a favorable opinion. They have the stability and achievements that men of the same age do not have. Because of this, they are less likely to have emotional ups and downs.

But in fact, there are not many people who really choose, this is really a woman’s paradoxical mentality!

  The women who really interact with middle-aged men have the following firsts. After hours, they lack the care of their elders. When they grow up, they have a tendency to have father-in-law plots. Second, women with major, mature and rational thoughts will find men of the same age unreliableAnd the childish thinking is the third. I have had the experience of failing to interact with men of similar age. I have switched to accepting the love of the year-old. I am afraid of suffering emotional damage and urgently need a sense of security and dependence on belonging.

  5. In the chat with her boyfriend, other men’s women are often mentioned. Many women will seize the psychological weakness of the man, making the man stick to her more desperately. The most common trick is to inadvertently say when chatting with her boyfriend.To other unrelated men’s names or things.

Men in love usually avoid mentioning previous male friends or the opposite sex in order to prevent the other person from being suspicious or other harm. However, after a while, some girls will inadvertently mention the company or the previous university when chatting.Classmate’s name or thing, although the woman may only understate it, the man may not respond, but the heart is surging!

  Women usually do this for several purposes: first, they want to provoke a man’s natural jealousy, and make the other person more active; second, they want to know how much the other person loves himself; third, to make the man aware of the crisis.A third party is involved.

  6. There are some women who often ask her boyfriend to swear to Heaven. Almost often, her boyfriend swears to Heaven: “I truly love you”, “I won’t change my heart, or it will thunder and thunder” and so on.

Be careful if your girlfriend is kind too!

Usually they hold a distrustful attitude towards love, often accompanied by the vow of each other to confirm their love; but when the vow becomes a formulaic answer, she will empathize in pursuit of another new vowLove, Sasha Biabia once said: “A man’s vow will only make a woman betray him!

“So smart, you have to know that sweet words can often be spoken, just don’t swear in front of women!

  7. There is an unabated trend of pet-raising in women who like to keep pets, especially more and more metropolitan women are starting to develop pets. The more pet stores around the shop are opened, the more loyal customers come to the majority of women.There are many people who smashed large bills for pets.

Analyzing the reasons, it is not difficult to find that such women usually want to restore the emptiness generated by their inability to meet the ideal man by caring for pets. After all, raising puppies and kittens is much simpler than falling in love without worryThe other side will change heart.

  Another reason why women keep pets is because they want to create a world where they can fully control and care for themselves. They do n’t like or are good at human-to-human (especially with the opposite sex) interactions, preferring simpler animalsFound in the world.

  8. A woman who keeps her eyes open while kissing is a very romantic thing!

Most people involuntarily close their eyes when kissing, especially women, because women are inherently more sensitive to touch than vision in sexuality. This is why many women must be willing to make love after turning off the lights, so as to focus the senses.The deep contact with the body makes that romantic lust stronger, but some women like to keep their eyes wide open when kissing. There are usually two different explanations for such women: the first is that she has a slower sense of sex and cannot concentrateThe spirit, the tendency to have a sense of coldness; the other is that she is a master of love, and already feels like a regular meal to sex. When kissing, she needs a new feeling. Opening the kiss can see the expression of the other person.Speaking is more fun than having sex!

  9. Women who take photos of men when they are young. Women usually care about showing photos of others when they are young (especially of the opposite sex), especially nude photos when they were just born or headshots when they were in middle school.

Because most people ‘s photos are very “clumsy” when they are young, let alone friends of the opposite sex, and sometimes even close friends cannot see them.

  If one day a woman takes a picture of her childhood or an ugly head in private, it may be that she is suggesting a good impression on you.

Because she has already removed you from your heart defense, your psychological distance is quite close, so you should seize the opportunity!

  10. A woman who likes to ponytail her hair. Besides pursuing fashion or work needs, a woman who usually likes her hair to ponytail is usually an independent woman with a strong sense of self. She has her own set of everythingThe idea is a bit like Capricorn’s personality: stubborn choice.

Want to change her mind, unless you can come up with a way to convince her, and when she’s in a bad mood, say less and do more. When the audience is the best policy, wait until her mood eases and talk to herChat is a good way!

  In fact, women always like her boyfriend to notice her and care about her in love.Therefore, a lot of tortuous looks, her true correctness is to use this method to attract your attention.

If you really like her, then try to learn more about her, and learn more about your feelings.