Removes bad shampoo habits and improves hair quality

Removes bad shampoo habits and improves hair quality

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Who learns to blow hair?

I can tell you that the details determine the success or failure. If you want to improve your hair, you must stay away from 6 stinking problems in order to really show off the big names.

Some MMs are accustomed to buying expensive conditioners when washing their hair. In fact, this is completely unnecessary.

The conditioner does not meet the needs for fundamental improvement of hair quality. It is not the conditioner that really moisturizes the hair, but ordinary water.

1 When the hair is half wet, the shampoo starts to moisturize the hair, not the conditioner, but the water.

Shampoo and conditioner play the role of water lock in the process of improving hair quality, and the high-end moisturizing ingredients, the penetration effect will be lost to ordinary water.

Therefore, when shampooing, the amount of hair must be sufficiently wet first.

Specifically, carefully washing for 1 minute before using shampoo can remove 80% of the oil on the hair surface.

  2 If you do n’t care about washing the roots first or the tips of the oily hair first, if you want to improve the hair quality, you can wash directly from the roots to clean the scalp.

But for those who damage their hair, in order to reduce the secondary damage to the hair, it is best to avoid getting the foam of the shampoo in contact with the fragile scalp from the beginning.

In particular, people who have applied styling products on the same day should start with the part where the styling agent is applied.

  3 When washing hair, I like to rub my hair repeatedly. After getting wet, my hair will wear negative viscosity, as will shampoo.

The oil in the hair and the oil in the styling agent carry positive ions by themselves.

According to the principle of opposite sex attraction in physics, wet hair is easily combined with the foam of shampoo, and it can be cleaned without laborious rubbing.

Rough treatment of hair will affect the effect of improving hair quality.

  4The conditioner is squeezed out and directly applied to the hair to master the temperature difference is the key to controlling the conditioner.

Because the temperature close to human skin can improve the penetration of hair conditioner ingredients by about 3 times.

When you warm up the conditioner in the palm of your hand, you can obviously enhance the effect of improving hair quality.

  5 Apply the conditioner When using the conditioner by hand only, lower your head and throw your hair forward, then apply the conditioner from the ends of the hair.

You can use a wide-tooth comb to comb from the back of the neck to the ends of the hair.

  6 I am afraid that washing is not clean, so sometimes washing my hair twice or many times is not conducive to improving hair quality.

The foam in the shampoo bursts immediately when it comes into contact with stains on the hair.

Therefore, it is important to wash again only if you do not generate a lot of foam during the first shampoo.

Message from the editor: Eating black sesame seeds is also a good way to improve hair quality.