Why are girls pragmatic now

Why are girls “pragmatic” now

Of course, it is not ruled out that some girls really love you and are willing to share their hardships with you, but after all, they are very few.
At present, many girls are infatuated with lust and intoxicated with paper, and they have a strong copper smell inside and out, which suffocates men.
  There are a large number of divorces in real life, especially since the reform and opening up, due to the emancipation of people’s ideas and the continuous expansion of social activities, the divorce rate has been increasing in both urban and rural areas.
Although the external environment of the divorce has been greatly improved than before, the divorce himself is still under tremendous psychological pressure.
  A person must have a comprehensive understanding of the success or failure of marriage.
Because a person’s life cannot always be smooth. There are many great people and celebrities in real life. They have made great achievements in their careers, but they have written a lot of failures in marriage. This shows that successful marriage is not justThe results of subjective efforts require many objective factors to determine.
Therefore, marriage failure is a normal phenomenon.
Therefore, as a divorcee, you must treat divorce correctly and pay attention to your own mental health.
  I. “Pour out bitter water”: When you feel distressed, grieved, grieved, or sad, you can tell your relatives and friends that your conscience is your best psychiatrist. Their persuasion, comfort, encouragement andEncouragement is your best medicine for heart disease.
I can also write a diary to drain the bitter water from my pen to the paper, so as to come from my comfort. This self-consolation method is particularly effective for not many conscience friends or intellectual men and women.
Only by exhausting all the unpleasant feelings in these ways can we prevent the occurrence of mental illness or cure the mental dysentery that has already occurred.
  Second, read a few good books: Reading is a great inspiration and help to establish a correct outlook on life, love, and marriage.
Through reading, on the one hand, you can absorb the spiritual power of it, and on the other hand, you can learn from social practices.
Not only resolve the unhappiness in the heart, but also improve their own cultural and psychological qualities.
It is worth mentioning that don’t read those unhealthy books or books full of pessimism and disappointment about society and life.
Even if you read a book with a tragic ending, don’t connect it with yourself, and warn yourself that art is not life.
  Third, participate in more social activities.
Many divorcees have a sense of inferiority and think that divorce is a dishonorable thing. They are afraid of being embarrassed when they see an acquaintance who mentions marriage or family matters, and it is difficult to answer.
Therefore, it is not advisable to adopt an evasive attitude and to confine themselves in the personal world.
Because when you calm down, you always love to think.
It is best to arrange your amateur life to be as compact as possible, so that you have almost no time to think about unhappy things, so as to rule out the accumulation in your heart a little bit, and get a good mood.
  Fourth, devote yourself to career.
Divorced people must try their best to start their own business. Once they have their own business, naturally they will not focus on unpleasant things. When the business progresses, all the pain will be eliminated.
  Of course, there are many ways of divorcee’s mental health care. There are more than four ways. Each divorcee can choose the method that suits his or her needs to achieve mental health care.