After solving the flag bearer,Qin Feng immediately changed to a rifle that could be connected。It’s the same type of firearms he used to take out the Lodcha Barracks last time。But this one can be better in comparison。

Kang kang kang——
Fired several shots in a row,Qin Feng stopped his movements after hitting two bullets。
Now privately armed will not dare to get too close to the off-road vehicle,Because they didn’t realize what was going on, they got hit in the head。the most important is,Qin Feng had a few shots directly in the mailbox of the opponent’s car。
It’s basically one shot and one explosion!
Private arms are not so great and selfless,So in such a mortal situation, I must not dare to continue。
Just when Yamucha wanted to cheer for Qin Feng, she was suddenly interrupted。
Because he saw,There are a few cars ahead,And some big rocks。same,There are a bunch of heavily armed foreign faces just standing in the distance。Shoot at their car without saying anything。
“get off!”
Although Qin Feng is very depressed,After all, there are a lot of supplies in the car。If possible,Qin Feng would let the car run over。It’s a pity that those big rocks are on the side of the road,Formed a non-sealed enclosure。
People can pass through,But it is obviously impossible to drive there。of course,They can also get out of the car and clean up the stones,So as to make a way。
Provided that,They have this timecāo)Work。
However, this mercenary obviously came for them,Is to stop them here for a trapped animal fight。So Qin Feng and others can only enter even if they don’t want to。
“Don’t hide behind the car,Isn’t there a stone here??Just as our barrier!”
Qin Feng really doesn’t want his car to be blown up,And he is really angry,We will clean up all the mercenaries and private armaments in the periphery when we turn around.。