Shen Xi Lin came to Long Tuli to laugh:“How about it,Long pool,Do you have fun??”

“very happy,Shen Jun,You can don’t have a friend this friend.!I hope that our foreign line will cooperate.!”
“That is required!”Shen Xi Lin said that he saw an eye embroidered spring knife comrades,Dark road:This comrade is very powerful,Actually lurking a demon!
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Rui Wei let Song Jian and Tang Rui always follow Wang Tianwu,And 叮 嘱 公 公 和 课 课 课 课 课 王 王 木 木 木 木 木。
The news of the second day of the newspaper Jiugu Jun Fu Sunjin did not occupy the headline,The four poisonous factories and the three-poinse hall were attacked by a large newspaper to report.。
Gu Junru, also reported the news on the side of Shanghai, who was looking at the newspaper and had breakfast.。
“curator,last night,Zhongjing Guifu and Yi and Xian people have thirty people’s team with Fujiyita, and is ambushed.,Finally, only Iraq and the sages are lucky.,Everyone is all dead。”
Surprised question:“All died!What is the man knowing??”
“Hankuozhi guess is that the jellyfish murder group jointly worked with the military,Because Fujima English and Zhongjing Guigu are killing,The use of bullets and the bullets of the Tuning Toyitu,According to Iraq and Xian people reported more than 20 people,More than a dozen people have a charge gun。”
“stupid!The Military Bureau is also tenacious,Have you come to Shanghai Station?!?”Qi Rui knows this is the six brothers with pool city and hurricane action team。
“curator,There is also an important news here,Just coming from Japan’s local news,To dedicate to the twelve school Yongle Ceremony and a Guanyin like the thief,According to the special group investigation,They are stolen in the military dock in Shanghai,For this item, the group has arrived in Shanghai.。”
“Since there is a task force,We don’t have to worry,Let Hansi University immediately cooperate with Special Class,Agent Headquarters investigates the killers of our fight!”
“curator,Hanxi-General’s special report is because the task force will transfer Chen Jiaying to the collaboration.。”
“Chen Jiaying is now a member of the task force?”
“Hankuo is said so。”
This is unexpected.,But he did not worry,Say:“Chen Jiaying is a trace expert,It seems that someone recommended,Then I wish she really can help to cracize the case to find the stolen baby.。”
Qi Rui knows that the devil is found early.,Not bad, it is found in Japan.,The precious little devil of Yongle Ceremony is also very clear,So I will establish a task force,Jiaying Jie knows that something is stolen.,Has she can find a clue in the devil.。
This is true,Chen Jiaying is the same as the Director of Man, Nanjing.,It is because the case is too surprised.。
Morning,Chen Jiaying followed the task of the Territory from Tokyo.,After surveying and inquiry, she made the conclusion of the devils.。
“Miss Chen,You said that a blind man is?How can this be!”Guantian, head of the task force, said,
“Yes,If the crime is blind,How did he find Yongle?,At that time, there were many classical books in the warehouse.。”The deputy team leader Jiu Zhuji also said,
“Theft is a rainy night,At that time, the pier was powered off.,The power cut is that the electric wire is cut off.,And we carefully survey the scene,There is only one crime,Because we found the footprints he left in the 2nd warehouse,At that time, there were no shoes.,Only wearing socks。”
“Miss Chen judged that he is blind?”
“At that time,The warehouse is almost reached out, I don’t see it, I don’t have any mistakes.?”
“He should have a lighting tool such as a flashlight.。”
“I think so at first.,But you will find it carefully.,When this person is looking for something in the dark, it is clear that it is not a lighting tool.。”
“Why is Miss Chen say this??”
“You look at these traces。”Chen Jiaying pointed out the traces left in some containers in the second warehouse,Because there is a patrol soldier and the devil soldier in the warehouse,Rui Rui uses blind people to move in the warehouse。
In this way, he is in the dark to explore the surroundings.,Therefore, there is a lot of traces in the 2nd warehouse.,Because he took gloves at the time,So did not leave fingerprints,Chen Jiaying did a demonstration,She let the nine Ancient Show Ji’s eyes open from the traces left by their hands to explore the traces and the scene traces match the scene.。
“Allocate,According to these traces, it can be inferred that the people of the crime will be about one meter.,And only one person。”Chen Jiaying said,
“Miss Chen,We also explore the same traces in the darkness.,Then why do you want to say that he is a blind??”