Haishang Community in Suzhou Park: Health and Welfare A4 Waist is popular for yourself.

Haishang Community in Suzhou Park: Health and Welfare “A4 Waist” is popular for yourself.

The summer has not yet arrived, and a “waist wind” has become popular in the circle of friends.

The stars and partners who are “A4 waist” on the Internet are everywhere. Does “A4 Waist” mean health?

Recently, senior health experts entered the Haishang community in Suzhou Park, exchanged health methods with residents, and advocated a healthy green health concept.

Health expert Wang Xiang said that good body does not necessarily mean health, backhand touch the navel, clavicle to put coins, sun vest line and now very popular “A4 waist”, not suitable for everyone, too thin to only bring to the bodyharm.

Spring is a season suitable for health, and exercise is one of the magic weapons.

Spring tour, jogging, walking, swimming. These are all sports suitable for spring health.

In addition, Wang Xiang said that exercising at home can also exercise.

“My body is fat, I need exercise very much. The several exercise postures introduced by the teacher can be done at home, which is very suitable for me.

Resident Wu Ayi said.

“I often eat health products, and there has been no obvious effect. I heard from experts today that health products can’t be eaten.”

“Resident Liu is a health care product, carrying health care products with her, indicating that she will be healthy in the future and will not eat health products.”

In addition, Wang Xiang introduced the “five elements to one” health law has also been recognized by the residents, the ladies of the United States also said that they no longer pursue the “A4 waist”, and that it is healthy for them.

Editor: Xue Jia April 22, 2016