“Lena,You are going away!”Qiangwei who was watching from a distance shouted。

Xin Zhao stopped the attack,Both eyes looked directly at Lena’s body,Gone,Such a nice view,Don’t waste it。
A fist hit Xin Zhao’s chest directly,Then Xin Zhao flew out directly。
“con man,Qiangwei, you big liar,Okay!”Even if I was beaten by Lena,Xin Zhao didn’t think there was anything,He just thinks Qiangwei deceived his pure and weak heart。
He is ready to record this beautiful moment,But who knew that Qiangwei actually deceived herself,big liar。
And Lena is also black,She feels that she must teach Xin Zhao a lesson today,Let him know what is the majesty of the big sister。
In Xin Zhao’s surprised eyes,Lena is directly equipped with armor,Then walked slowly towards Xin Zhao“Bitch letter,If you only have this strength today,Then you must be ready to be beaten by me。
We must know that our future opponents are all aliens,Only training suffers,You can save your life when you fight。I said this,do you understand?”
“That one,I understand this truth,But i feel like you just want to hit me。”
“Yo,Since you found out,Then take it!”
Chapter Eleven task
After experiencing a severe beating called society,Xin Zhao is finally obedient。
“All right,Next to you,rose,You fought him,As long as you don’t attack the vital points!”After Lena finished,I just found a cool place to rest,Leaving the two people present looking at each other、
In sight……
“I said you two saw each other,Not doing it yet!”After waiting a few minutes,Saw two people still there looking at each other,Lena was anxious。