At the corner of Hua’an Street and Nanmei Road,The unfast car speed slowed down again,He saw a pile of watermelons in front of a fruit supermarket,I remembered that grandma said that I haven’t eaten delicious melons this year,So I stopped and picked one。

Just approached,The enthusiastic waiter came forward to receive,“Mr,What do you want to buy?”
Huo Yunhe’s eyes fixed on the pile of watermelons,Reach out and pat,“How to sell?”
“Mr,This is our local watermelon,Thin skin,Sweetness,Four yuan and five jin。one comes?”
Huo Yunhe nodded,The local melon is delicious,Expensive is normal。
“boss,How to sell grapes?”
A soft voice rang behind me,Nice tone,Huo Yunhe is not a curious person,And will not strike up casually。
Pick watermelon,Please install it,Take out your wallet and pay。
“Beautiful women like to eat Jufeng grapes?This is just shipped from the orchard,Juicy and sweet,Come a bunch?”
“OK,You can make it cheaper, OK??”
Bargaining when you come to the supermarket,Very interesting。
Huo Yunhe originally planned to leave after buying the watermelon,I heard the boss talk about the words Jufeng Grape,I think grandma loves it too,Buy some by the way。
“beauty,The peaches in our shop,And strawberries and blueberries are new arrivals in the morning,Very fresh,Do you want something too?”
“I want to eat durian,Do you have a well-known one here?”
“some,Beauties please。”
Durian has a special taste,Not too many people like to eat,Family don’t like,Not disgusted,You can eat,Don’t eat or worry。
Huo Yun and a big man,I just like this special smell of fruit,Girls who hear such a soft voice also like the smell,Can’t help turning his head and looking over。
One in a white t-shirt,Girl in light coffee wide-leg pants,A pair of flat sole shoes on your feet,Carrying a huge bag,Look down at the durian on the showcase,Sniff carefully at the position of the crack,Full of satisfaction。