A burly man with a chubby body,But he just made such a soft and fresh action,The strong visual contrast caused by this,While making people feel that it should be uncoordinated,But there is an inexplicable beauty of harmony。

Fat Dun obviously should be a man of Guanzhong,Holding the iron plate and singing,But this scene before me,But like a seventeen or eighteen year old girl,Holding a red tooth board singing willow bank,Xiaofeng and waning moon。
But the more weird thing is,The chubby palm movement is completely natural,Not obtrusive,Obviously it’s a god,Forget it,This is a very clever hand。
Lu Menglin couldn’t help but frowned,About to crack,I don’t know that at the same time his heart is moving,Miaoping who stood behind Fat Dun suddenly moved。
I saw that Miaoping put his palms together,Look at the nose,Nasal mind,Suddenly,Aimed at Lu Menglin。
Strange,Everyone present clearly did not hear any sound,But there is a weird illusion of shaking the mountain。
And there are some sensitive people present,All felt an invisible force one after another,With a special kind of fluctuation,Turned into a rushing torrent,Rushed towards Lu Menglin。
Talking late,Then soon!Lu Menglin is full of energy,Automatic bodyguard。
Lu Menglin suddenly made a series of strange noises like cracked glass,It’s just like being slashed by those ten cold blades just now。
Him at the moment,In an instant, it seems to have been in an invisible torrent,And in this torrent, there are so many intangible but invisible weapons.,Just a bone bombarding Lu Menglin’s body。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Eighth Worthy of name
That sounds like a broken glass,It was the sound that happened after Lu Menglin’s body guard Gang Jin was constantly shattered。
This moment,Lu Menglin suddenly understood what he had encountered。
Da Yin Xi Sheng!The silent torrent,It was the sound wave attacked by Miaoping。
Turn the blade with sound waves,Sound sword,Hurt invisible,Lu Menglin seems familiar with this attack method。