that’s it,Qiao Tianyu was confusedly grateful,And I got in touch with Chubais as expected,Chubais heard that Qiao Tianyu had something to ask for,Immediately greet the KGB agent to come and take Qiao Tianyu“please”Past。

“You want to see Prince Harita?”After listening to Qiao Tianyu’s request,Chubais hesitated for a while。
Qiao Tianyu knows what Chubais is hesitating,Judging by the document on Chubais’ desk,Chubais also pointed at that5000Tons of gold,Of course he knows that Prince Harita is his biggest competitor to buy gold this time。
But Qiao Tianyu is not slow,Dip your finger in the tea,I wrote a Russian text with tea on the table“gold”Typeface。
“Comrade Chubais,5000Tons of gold!”Qiao Tianyu said seriously,“If you can help me save Prince Harita this time,I promise to help you get that5000Tons of gold!”
“gold.What gold?”Chubais was taken aback,Asked Qiao Tianyu in disbelief,“What are you talking about?”
“Hahaha,Comrade Chubais,Am i talking nonsense,You know in your heart。”Qiao Tianyu smiled。
“But I want to remind you,Now countries all over the world are coveting it5000Tons of gold,Many international forces have gathered in Dubai,Without my help,I’m afraid you won’t get that so easily5000Tons of gold!”
Qiao Tianyu’s words hit Chubais’ heart,This time his Dubai gold grab trip,But President Yeltsin gave him a death order,Only succeed but not fail,When he came to Dubai, he realized that the situation was far more complicated than he thought.。
As Qiao Tianyu said,Because of that5000Tons of gold,Today’s Dubai is criss-crossed by various international forces,All forces are fighting openly and secretly,The situation is tense。
And Chubais has been in Dubai for three days,But he doesn’t even know who the gold seller is,Not to mention snapping up that5000Tons of gold,Chubais has lost a lot of hair,But still helpless。
So the conditions proposed by Qiao Tianyu are quite tempting to Chubais,And Qiao Tianyu’s overturning clouds and rain、Turn decay into a magical power,Chubais has seen it with his own eyes,Maybe Qiao Tianyu can be of great help。
Thought of here,Chubais nods slightly,“Qiao Tianyu,You have deceived me once,I hope you can do what you say this time,Otherwise, no matter you run to the end of the world,KGB agents can kill you too!”