Picked up Qi Baozhu in the western suburbs,Off-road vehicles running all the way to Longyan Bay Resort。Sixty or seventy miles is not far,Arrived outside the resort in less than an hour,Sparsely populated here,But the road is well repaired,Longyan Lake with clear water and blue sky can be seen from a distance。There are trees on both sides of the road,The scenery is very attractive。

Li Tianchou chose a secluded place and stopped the car,Distribute the assembled pistols to the three,“Optimistic,The red roof villas in front,Old travel is thereC2number,Probably tied up。I don’t know why,So be careful when you start,You can’t use a gun as a last resort,Quick fix,Just ask for someone。Drive around in a while,Everyone see the terrain and security situation clearly,Disperse in after the car comes out,Broad beans are left in the car to pick up。”
The three nodded in agreement,Li Tianchou got off the car and took off all the front and rear license plates,Then the car was started by Broad Bean and slowly entered the highway of the resort。
Broad beans slow down,Mainly to observe the road signs everywhere。A fork in the road ahead,You can already see the guard box on the left,Is the resort area and hotel entrance。The right side leads to the villa area,Winding around five or six hundred meters,There is also a gate,It’s the gate of the villa。
“Drive directly to the door,Don’t let in。”Li Tianchou instructed。He observes that there are only two security guards around the guard box,One standing at the door,The other is aimlessly moving around,Very slack,It seems that the security situation here is not the same as the Fulin Villa that I have visited before.。Probably this place is too partial,Because of the low occupancy rate。And Wu Fang’s car is not bad either,Toyota Land Cruiser,The pretense is absolutely good。
Broad beans are very clever,He banged the horn twice when the car reached the door,A superb style。The security just tilted his head,Seems to be curious about the unlicensed car,But the button already pressed,Gate open,Broad beans hit the throttle,The car rushed into the villa。
“Awesome,When I never saw a good car,Nima’s。”The guard at the gate murmured curses,Unhappy,In anger, he spit out thick sputum。
The villa area is quite large,Sparsely populated,But the building is relatively close,Many townhouses but few single-family villas,The grade is also much worse than Fulin Villa。I saw it after a small half circleCHouse number beginning with the word。C2Leaning on the side,Very inconspicuous,It’s a single-family villa,Two-story building,Basement with half of the exposed ground。
Broad beans slowed down the car,No one in the yard,And all the windows are covered by white curtains,Can’t see anything inside from the outside。When the car is approaching the villa,Li Tianchou reminded,“Number and location of probes、The direction of the side door,Especially the orientation of the basement ventilation window,Just one chance,Everyone remember。”
The car goes around slowlyC2Dong,Drive in the other direction of the villa area,Unexpectedly, there is a small public parking lot behind the villa area,Parked a few cars sparsely,Probably for the residents of the townhouse。
The situation is a bit different from what you imagined,It doesn’t matter,The off-road vehicle parked directly in the parking lot。Li Tianchou adjusted his plan,He and Zhang Wen、Qi Baozhu got off at different times,Li Tianchou enters from the front doorC2Dong,Attract and paralyze opponents,Qi Baozhu took the opportunity to sneak in through the ventilation window in the basement,And Zhang Wen is specifically responsible for killing all the surrounding surveillance,And occupied the front door after Li Tianchou sent a signal。Broad beans left in the car,Ready to respond from the outside。
Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty Seven rescue(on)
Li Tianchou looked around in the car,Smoothly put the prepared mask on the face,“Many people,It’s not easy for Lao You to be restrained。Everyone carefully,I offline first。”When dealing with crises in the past,Him and broad bean、Zhang Wendu has worked together,Understand their characteristics。Only worried about Qi Baozhu,I’m afraid that once this guy goes mad, I can’t control it,So when I got out of the car, I patted the other person on the shoulder,“Be careful”。