Treatment of paranasal sinus cancer prescription

Treatment of paranasal sinus cancer prescription

Prescription: 1.

Oral side: Xinyi 15g, Phellodendron 15g, raw land 15g, Xanthium 15g, self-salting 9g, Asarum 3g, scallions 30g, thorn tree spore 30g, pig nose.


External use: 3 white onions, 3 saponins, musk 0.


2g, fresh goose does not eat grass 6-9g.

1 square plus water to make decocting decoction, 1 dose per day, even after serving for 7-8 days, add yellow-skin tree parasitic, bitter sapling parasitic, and then take 1 dose every other day, and even take 5-7 doses, jellyfish, peanut shell and jellyfish crabThe shell is dried to the end of the study, with the main party rushing, 1 dose every 3 days, and even served 6-12 doses.

2 squares of cotton syrup juice, such as nasal ear bleeding, can be injected into the plasma.

  Addition and subtraction: internal service plus yellow-skin tree parasitic 30g, bitter buckwheat parasitic 30g; nose blood nasal resistance and ear hidden plus jellyfish (to the skin) 7, peanut shell 20, jellyfish shell 3-5; ear lumpBlocks and deafness plus 30g of paulownia tree, goose does not eat grass 30g.

  Efficacy: A total of 4 cases were treated, 3 cases were significantly recovered, and 1 case was taken with 21 doses of this prescription. It was cured and has not been regenerated.


Take the bezoar 0.

3g, Prunella vulgaris 30g, 1 day, Prunella vulgaris, Niuhuang Chongfu (the longest surviving after treatment is 11 years).

  Recipe: 1 comfrey root 30g, Gynostemma 20g, both decoction or boiled water for tea.

  2 East China medicine 30 grams, first fry for two hours, then add roots, 30 grams of duck grass, 15 grams of seven leaves and one flower.

The decoction is filtered to obtain a clear juice.