The assistant saw that Liu Lixin didn’t blame her,Then went on:“Mr. Liu, look,He is still young,So rich,I really don’t know what the woman he likes will look like?”

Liu Lixin glanced at the assistant’s somewhat idiotic look,Sighed and said:“Xiao Wang,You,Wake up,Since I came to buy a ring,Then there must be a lover already,Moreover,Our wind chime island is famous for taking wedding photos,Since he came to this wind chime island,Ninety-nine percent came to take wedding photos!so,You just die of that heart!”
Xiao Wang heard what Liu Lixin said,Pouted,Then he said wrongly:“Manager Liu,What are you talking about?I didn’t say anything,Moreover,I still have this self-knowledge,its me,Can find a multi-millionaire to marry,I’m already content,Billionaire,I can’t even think of it。”
“As long as you know!Let’s go back。”Liu Lixin said。
at this time,Liu Lixin noticed that another pair of men and women came to their company,If Xiao Fan is there,Must be able to recognize,This man and woman are officially in conflict with Xiao Fan at the wedding shooting location。
Chapter One Hundred Eighty Eight The face of the upstart
“I want to see your person in charge!”Ma Binghao said to Liu Lixin with a proud face。
Liu Lixin was taken aback,Then said:“I am,What’s the matter with you coming to me?”
“I heard there will be an auction tomorrow,I want to participate,You can arrange a better position for me!”Ma Binghao said。
The low-key of the former billionaire Xiao Fan,Behind is the proud Ma Binghao,And these two people are obviously,Formed a sharp contrast,And this contrast,Made Liu Lixin feel very helpless。
In Liu Lixin’s opinion,People like Ma Binghao,Should belong to the nouveau riche,Not much money,But still looks arrogant and domineering。
but,Where is the service purpose of Xihai Auction Company?!Even if Liu Lixin doesn’t look at Ma Binghao again,I still smiled and said to Ma Binghao:“of course can,But our location is determined based on personal assets,and so,Before arranging your location,We need to verify your assets first。”
“In this card,More than 80 million,If you don’t believe it,Just verify it!”Ma Binghao said arrogantly。
Over 80 million,For ordinary people,It’s almost like an astronomical existence,Let alone ordinary people,In Ma Binghao’s opinion,Even if the boss of an average company wants to own more than 80 million assets, he can carry it with him,That’s an unlikely one.。