“I go!These people are terrible!Fortunately, Wei Xiaoxing is like a general,Taishan collapsed in front of him without changing his face,Otherwise, someone else will stand here,I guess the legs are going to be soft!”Wei Xiaoxing said silently in her heart。

Watching the wealth that Qin Mansion has accumulated for a hundred years turn into nothing,The faces of the Qin clan people around are ugly,The expression is also particularly complicated。
but,Most of them did not feel sad,On the contrary, there is an indescribable refreshment!
Because the wealth does not belong to them,Even if they are from the Qin clan,I can only enjoy up to 1%,Even less wealth,Real big head,All were enjoyed by the Qin clan chief and those middle and high-level clan,The truth about not suffering from inequality,Whether it was a human,Or these gods in front of you,The mood is actually the same。
Treasure is divided up,But the crowd did not disperse,More people surrounded Wei Xiaoxing,exactly,They are surrounding the place where the treasures existed just now。
Because after all, the people who get the treasure are few,There are many gods who are hesitant,They are a step slower,There are more people of the god nation are coming upon hearing the news。
The whole long street in front of Qin’s Mansion,Already because of the distribution of that pile of treasures,Become extremely restless,It seems that even the air has fallen into a kind of indescribable fanaticism。
People’s eyes are no longer silent and numb,But become full of unwillingness and desire。
Honestly,Not only Wei Xiaoxing will be afraid to see these eyes,Even Mr. Mu,I’m silent on the side,I feel more upset。
Mr. Lu,What does he want?
Chapter Nine Hundred and Thirty Eight Rob the rich and help the poor
now,Lu Menglin is still sitting in the teahouse。