“Huashan Jianzong?Humph!What else does Huashan Jianzong!”Feng Qingxiang。

Fengqing Yang’s people who have been airized,Two disputed,Silver is a beautiful man“marriage”,The result is a fake,When he came back,Jian Zong has already lost,even“Sword”The plaque is taken.!
And the disciple of defeated,Annoying the wind is cheated,The wind is clear, I can’t see the remaining smelly rotten shrimp.,So the connection with Swords from the wandering is not large.,There is no half of the speculation with the gas.。
Let the fox rushing a word——After all, the same door has changed the elbow,What is the face of the gas?。
Chu Deirers don’t say more,It is doubtful to see Lin Ping,And doubtful look at the bricks on the wall……
“Your understand、The sword is not pure enough,Not enough to touch the master of Wuyue Sword,And the elders of the sun and moon,Mood left,See these graphics, I can’t understand anything.。”The wind is clear and cold face。
“Understand?Mood?”Chu Deirers heard the words,I remembered why I watched the status of Lin Ping.!
A year ago in the mountains of the mountains,Duan Yu is also the same as this,Desperately“Goddess sister”Jade image。
At that time, the Chu Deiren would know,Secret in the futon,So I want to stop Duan Yu,Take secrets directly,However, Duan Yu is on the foot of the jade image.“Be a thousand times,For me to drive”,Like Chinese evil,The birth of the boy is used to break the futon……
Before the Chu Deirers also doubt,May be the image,Because Li Qiushui has some special“Heart”——Just like“Swordsman”Mood,Can affect people who have heard the song!
So Chu Detects always spit,Duan Yu was taken by Li QiushuipuaNS。
After all, compared to“Swordsman”,That“Heart”,Obviously more overbearing,Even Duan Yu has created a near-hearted obsession……
Fortunately, dear Chu brothers,Demonance is avoided by the heart,It’s basically healed now.!
Compared to Liu、Two people“Swordsman”,Li Qiushi’s mood is obviously more stronger,Can even be existing in the Yuxi long term。
“‘Mood’Can exist for so long?”Chu Deirers doubtful。
Although Li Qiushui is the weakest,But in the rivers and lakes,It is also the top master.。
Legend of China Shancao Cave,The face of the old ancestors,Leave a shadow of the rock wall,Sorghum in front of it,I can also feel Zen!
This is more time to stay.……
But the devil is ten old、Wuyue Sword……At the moment, there is a few of them can be a first-class master.,They can also“Heart”Stay for so long?
Chu Deirers are now mastering“Swordsman”Mood,But but can only be pinned in the music,In order to affect other people……
“Life and death,Big horror。”Feng Qing is sighing。
Chu Deirers thought about it.,This todped this.——If it is between life and death,People’s spirit will sublimate,Also in the reason。
When I was engaged in these,Those masters can be trapped in authenticity!
And this kind of last time“Heart”,It often needs a certain qualification,Can touch。
For example, in the event,Wave reminder,At oncepua,不解 人,I just want to wait for him to finish the head.,It is good to take the secret from the futon.。
Shaolin’s Dharma Zen Cave,It is also to enter the sorghum.。
In the eyes, Lin Ping is addicted to the stone wall.,And look at this situation,Before the Fox Chong,Chu Deirers are some disappointed。
Cament,Chu Deirers think,in the case of“Understand”The problem……Is it that you can?
Just the Chu Deirers suddenly thought,Now the wind is in the side,This old man sees more,I have no reason to have no reason.,Is it a bit awkward??
Normally,Ordinary people must have some primers,I will enter the state of me.?
I saw that the Chu Deiren suddenly fell to the ground.,After that, force the ground,Roar:“hateful……I have to be a man who is a sword.,How can I fall here?!”