Yan Defa suddenly thought of the young man who surprised him but felt uncomfortable,What happened these days has been said by this guy。The female boss came to solve the problem,But why did I become even more helpless?No way,I want to talk to him again。

So Li Tianchou was invited to the small office by Yan Defa。After making tea,Lao Yan put down,Straight to the point,“Little brother,I won’t say anything polite。I came to you today to talk about what everyone should do in the future。You said last time that the company would come forward to handle the matter,There really is a female boss,But I’m afraid the old problem has not been solved yet,It’s possible to solve it first。”
Why doesn’t Li Tianchou understand the current dilemma Yan Defa is facing,And Lao Yan’s tone just now seemed a bit desperate,It seems that this new company leader is pushing the old man hard enough。It’s just that the immature plans in my mind can’t make it to the table,I’m afraid it will scare this honest contractor。
“Uh,Uncle Defa,I think the situation is not so bad。”Li Tianchou took a sip of tea,First relieved Yan Defa,“This time, I won the benefits for everyone,Your prestige is high,Why don’t you do more in these ten days while everyone is warm,As much as possible。I don’t believe that they can be better than us by changing people?”
Chapter One Hundred and Nineteen Hua Yun way
Yan Defa swallowed and spit,I hope this young man will have any other tricks to surprise himself,The result is the same as not,Co-authoring,I suddenly felt cold。
“Didn’t you say last time,They can’t control,Do we care??”After a short silence,Lao Yan is still a little unwilling。“Just hold everyone steady,Survive this period,Uncle Defa remembers you well。”
Li Tianchou is playing haha,“Ha ha,Uncle, don’t worry,Haven’t they already sent someone here??Let’s see how this person manages。And I don’t think it’s going to be peaceful these days,Let’s do our job well,Watch the changes。”
“Say what?You mean those bastards will still make trouble?”Yan Defa’s eyes widened in surprise,Heart,Are you a prophet?,Or just to perfuse me?The destruction of construction vehicles a few days ago was a big deal,The police alone came several times,These people dare to rectify?What a hatred this must be。
“I also stroke down along。”Li Tianchou smiled and drank tea,Then take it easy:“You think,If we can connect the two incidents of our workmate being beaten with the vehicle damage,It means that these grandsons are not small,They don’t want our construction site to be good,I don’t want the project to continue。Now the goal is not achieved,I guess I have to come。”
Li Tianchou looked determined,Yan Defa nodded involuntarily,This is reasonable,Also analyzed some truth,But it doesn’t seem to have much to do with my old Yan,The day that should be delivered on time can not be delayed,Xiao Niang is cruel。The old grumbling bitterly,Suddenly speechless。
Looking at Yan Defa who is still frowning,Li Tianchou knows that he is unspeakable and inconvenient to say,As a great foreman, come and talk about it,Although forced by form,But it’s already very rare。
Li Tianchou understands,Lao Yan is suddenly so unconfident,Daxiong and others’ lead in troubles hit him hard,Even relatives can say they turn their faces,Nobody feels upset。
Lao Yan is generally kind,I must try my best to help。Li Tianchou thought of some of his own assumptions and doubts, but not so sure,It’s useless to say more at the moment,So got up and said goodbye,“Uncle Defa,If nothing else,I’ll go back and lie down for a while。Don’t think so much,Step by step。Now everyone trusts you,I believe we can make it through。”
Although this young man is not ordinary,But it doesn’t seem to be of much help right now,I can only take one step at a time as he said。Yan Defa nodded weakly,It’s answered。
On the way back to the workshop,Li Tianchou saw someone far away,It’s Li Desheng。He hurried to the work shed,Didn’t pay attention to Li Tianchou’s side,It looks like he just came back from outside the construction site。
What is this kid doing sneakily?It stands to reason that you should play cards with Big Bear during this time after eating.。Li Tianchou deliberately slowed down,I vaguely felt something wrong in my heart。He is not a careful person,But Li Desheng gave him a bad impression,I always feel that the riff on this person is too heavy,Not like a serious migrant worker。
The last dispute outside the shed,Li Desheng has been adding fuel to the fire,Deliberately picking things up。Obvious and strict、Big bear is different,There are definitely two types of people。Especially in recent days,Big bear meets himself even if he doesn’t speak,Can also nod,And I can feel a trace of apology in Big Bear’s eyes,Yan Kuan is the same。