Back outside,Guo Xueli was relieved。

“Thank you!”
“What are you polite……After this time,I don’t need my help anymore!”Fang Yu asked。
“Hard to say!Unless you find a girlfriend,Otherwise I might still find you……After all others,I am not very familiar,You still trust me!”
Guo Xueli is sure。
“Maybe I will find a girlfriend tomorrow!”
Fang Yu calmly said。
“Then i will bless you……Uncle Fang,I definitely hope you get married soon。But i am different,I don’t want to get married so early……I will be at least thirty,Just consider this question!
I have to go back!I hope I have a chance to buy you a cup of coffee next time!”
Guo Xueli smiled。
Got in the car and left!
Fang Yu checked the time,Take a taxi back to the pharmacy。
Just returned to the pharmacy,Fang Yu saw a group of people surrounded there。
Walk over and take a look!