This is the artistic conception of entering the Holy Land,Even if it’s a spiritual sword,The power will not be too bad。

Aquan took a deep breath,The silver gun in the hand is pointing to the ground,Suddenly the tip of the gun plunged into the ground,Start to draw a circle around the body。
The picked up rubble stopped within five meters of his body,There is nothing stopping him and the flying spirit sword。
Can encounter this unique martial art,The sword-back man let out a surprise。
There is no way to control the space when entering the Holy Land,I can only simply manipulate the surrounding auras,Aquan can do this,It belongs to the gravel that was shaken in the air,They assume the ability to connect space。
This kind of martial arts has great requirements for people’s own spiritual strength,Not something ordinary people can do。
“Cough cough!”
Ah Quan coughed twice after the other party took away the Spiritual Qi Huajian,no way,He took out all his housekeeping skills from the beginning,The other party is too good。
I knew that after reaching Rank 5,It’s not just a spiritual attack,It’s the double oppression of breath and mind。
Feijian again,But this sword is a real sword。
The scabbard on the opponent’s back is shaking,Followed by a handle four fingers wide,The silver sword flying into the air,If you look closely,You will find that the blades on both sides are composed of countless small teeth.。
This peculiar sword is the first time Ah Quan has seen it,So he has to take it seriously。
Relax,Even not using eyes to observe the surroundings,But directly touch with the power of the soul。
In Aquan’s mind,That sword turned into two handles into three handles,Can’t see that it’s really in that position,He will be cruelly passed through the body。
and so……Do not worry,calm,Take a deep breath。