“Bastard,How could i lose to you!”Bernabeu scolded。It turns out that the two have different ideas。Qin Feng thinks that the reason why Bernabeu is so arrogant is because there is a George behind,But from Bernabeu’s perspective,He thinks he can easily teach Qin Feng。

Besides,Just defeat Qin Feng,If the latter fulfills the promise of the gambling contract, it has to kill himself。Bernabeu is not saying that he really wants Qin Feng to die。He only needs to take back the lost face。Even if Qin Feng is shameless and doesn’t judge himself, he will definitely not be able to stay in the academy again。
so,Bernabeu thinks he has a big face this time。
Qin Feng was stunned when he heard this,Then smiled and shook his head,Just walk out of the academy。
“Look,I thought the freshman was just talking,I never thought he was so courageous,Actually, I just duel with people within two days。”
“Ugh,We were so defiant when we first came,I thought I was invincible。”
“Right,Without a bit of setbacks, it is impossible to grow today!”
The people who eat melon talk with the expressions that we are all over。
Speaking of,When I walked out of the gate,The wind and snow outside will make Qin Feng feel like he has returned to the real world。The college always feels like a paradise。
“Ugh,A little trance!”
“Just,I have been in the college for over a year,I didn’t leave even if I was on holiday。But now there is still some distance from breaking through Ming Jin。”
“Ugh,This freshman is pitiful。Only two days ago, I was forced to leave because of a duel。”
“go away?Don’t you want to mow yourself?”
“Slay a ghost,It’s you,Would you commit suicide so stupid?I just left here dingy。”
Discussion of these outsiders,Qin Feng chose to ignore everything。
And he also found out,Not long after walking out,Bernabeu is already eager to try,Look at him,I don’t know how excited I am!
“This kid,Do you think he will cry when I blow his head??”Qin Feng touched his chin and whispered。
But this is obviously deliberately let everyone around you hear。
Everyone is trying to hold back their smiles,Xin said this new student is too cheap!
“All right,Without further ado。Now outside the college,I