quickly,Thirty multiple choice questions in one go,The answer time is faster than everyone present can imagine。

The speed of this kid,So fast that Old Monster Liu’s eyelids jump。
Before Lu Menglin put down his pen,Old Monster Liu shook his head and smiled bitterly:“Kid,Okay!95% correct,Really have a hand!”
Old Monster Liu’s Answer,Make the faces of several teachers in class hot。
Lu Menglin doesn’t wait for them to answer,Expressionlessly drew out the blank math test paper on the table,Think slightly,I chose ten questions I can do,Wrote the answer on the paper。
These ten questions are all correct answers,Without writing other topics,It happened to prove Lu Menglin’s math score,Only to this point。
Teacher Hu looked at the question he chose to answer,Understand immediately,The mathematics score of this poor student has indeed improved,Although I haven’t kept up with the class average,But it matches his math score this time。
When other teachers saw this Lu Menglin solve the problem, they were full of confidence,And there is no fear between the eyebrows,On the contrary, there is a look of indignation,I basically know it。
This child may have really improved his grades,Wronged!
text Chapter Thirty Five genius
If it turns out that Lu Menglin was wronged,Then the teacher Hu’s face is a bit too much。
At this moment,Teacher Hu rolled his eyes twice,Sneered:“Lu Menglin,You are very smart,It’s a pity that cleverness is mistaken,It’s just using the wrong place!”
This remark,The teachers were all stunned,I felt the solemnity in Teacher Hu’s tone。
“Your little trick,Hide from others,Can’t hide from me!I admit you are smart,You don’t know where you got the answer to this monthly exam,Memorized part of the answer in advance,That’s why you are so confident?”
“do you know,Your act of stealing answers like this,More serious than plagiarism!”Teacher Hu shouted。
All the teachers present at the lecture are silent,Because only Teacher Hu’s explanation,Can explain why Lu Menglin’s monthly test scores soared,And even if it’s a little far-fetched,But no one would risk offending him to say more。
Lu Menglin only sneered at this moment,Because he suddenly discovered,These so-called teachers,Not only arrogant and unreasonable,And the imagination is quite rich。
They rely entirely on subjective assumptions,I think I am not only plagiarizing,And stole the answer,Lead to missing questions。
“how about it?You have nothing to say!Unless you can prove that you are a genius,Otherwise, there is no way to justify。You should call the parents over!”Teacher Hu triumphant,Said condescendingly。