Chen Xiu’s heart burst,A hot gas gushes out of the body,The body automatically flashes to the side。

Just avoid the strong man’s hand。
“Lianjiazi?”The strong man frowned,The look under the sunglasses,Can’t hide the surprise。
He is a professionally trained bodyguard,Ordinary people in his hands,Feel like a chicken。
Just now,To hold Chen Xiu’s shoulder bones,Lest he resist the extra-juncture。
But I didn’t expect to be easily avoided。
Chen Xiu himself was surprised。
Although I know to absorb the energy from the antique,Can strengthen the body,But after all it’s just a feeling,Dodge just now,So he realized the real benefits of strengthening。
A thought,The body can respond immediately,Even the actions of the strong man are in his eyes,It’s like being slowed down several times。
This feeling is so cool。
“I’m busy now,No time to go with you,If anyone wants to see me,Let him do it himself。”Chen Xiu smiled。
Move calmly towards the stairs。
“Toast and not eat fine wine,catch him!”The strong man waved and shouted。
Three other people,Qi Qi rushed towards Chen Xiu。
Instantly seal all Chen Xiu’s retreat,Cooperate extremely tacitly,No one is ordinary。
The brawny who took the lead,Drew a dagger from his waist,Picking Chen Xiu’s shoulder,Extremely skilled。
Before coming,He didn’t expect Chen Xiu’s skill to be weak,Deal with such people,The best way is to break the tendon on his shoulder,Make him unable to resist。
See the strong man showing off his dagger,Chen Xiu couldn’t help but sink。