That void that136The planet keeps moving in a mysterious trajectory,Gou Dong holds the two most original laws in the universe–The law of time and space,Rena136The void that exists on this planet becomes a time and space by itself,Although you can still see it,In fact, what the naked eye sees is all false。

Li Ming flew to the edge of Wuchen time and space in a spacecraft,There is already a spaceship waiting at this moment,Soon three powerful men with aura of law flew out of the spaceship,These three—Li Ming doesn’t know。
“His Royal Highness Li Ming!”The head of the three is a sweet-looking female god,She has purple eyes,Contains endless charm,But this kind of charm has no effect on Li Ming。
“Three are?”Li Ming asked。
“His Royal Highness Li Ming,Welcome to the original secret‘Ninth Space’。”The god with purple eyes smiled lightly:“Introduce yourself,I am the leader of your escort‘Master Xueli’!These two are the managers of Wuchen Time and Space‘Magnetic Junhou’with‘Lieyunhou’”。
Military master,Strictly speaking, it refers to the immortal powerhouse who leads the army among the big forces.,Broadly speaking, it refers to those laws that can pass through the bridge11-14Immortality。Feng Hou is to condense the immortal body,The law perception is about15-17Gods and Powers。
But look at the attitude of Army Master Xueli,She is very equal to the two immortal,Li Ming suspects that her strength is at least close to Fenghou。
“His Royal Highness Li Ming,This ninth time and space,Also referred to as‘Wuchen Time and Space’,It’s the residence of all the princes in the past。Please enter the spacecraft……I am waiting to send the palace to the residence。”
Li Ming smiled and nodded,Step into this spaceship。
Along the way,Li Ming didn’t say much,Just looking at the 100% simulated outside scene outside the spacecraft。
Outside,Li Ming can only see136The stars move according to their trajectories,After entering, I found that,There is a dazzling continent at the core of this time and space。
Primitive secret territory,Wuchen Continent in the Ninth Time and Space is extremely vast。Every Royal Highness of the Primitive Secret Realm can be allocated a territory of nearly a million kilometers。
The guards under the command of Army Xueli naturally also live in Li Ming’s territory.。
But when I saw my guards officially,,Li Ming was also slightly surprised。
Li Ming’s commander of the immortal guard,The strength of Army Master Xueli is far beyond the normal peak masters,She is a master of soul,And also cultivated an auxiliary immortal plant life,The overall combat power is almost the same as that of the new gods。