Beijing suburbs 165 million vegetable seedlings began sowing intensive production to ensure emergency reserves

In the spring of the spring, vegetable seedling production is in the middle and post-secondary, spring greenhouses and spring lava vegetables have completed seedlings, most of them have been planted, in the process of seedlings, period; spring big shed fruit and vegetable seedlings self-esteem basicsAfter completing the seedlings, the seedlings in front of the seedling process are required. The seedlings that need to graft are grafting, and they are planned to be in the middle of March; they have a long-term vegetable and Miair age require a long time. Most are preparing to sow.Planning, ordering orders and preparing materials with users, will be sown in the near future.The influence of the epidemic on seedling is not very large, slightly sowing, grafting delay.

Leaf seedlings increased by 55% in 2019, accounting for nearly 60% to ensure emergency reserves.(Wen, Tukan Yan Cao Lingling) (Editor: Dong Zhaorui, Gao Xing).