Strolling through the Jiangnan Confucian City

Strolling through the “Jiangnan Confucian City”

I don’t know, because the people in this city made me fall in love with this city, or because this city made me fall in love with the people of this city.
In short, I like the city.
It is called Zhangzhou, and is known as the “Jiangnan Confucian City”. It is also a demonstration point of the “Yangtze Delta Expo Theme Experience Tour”.
Nankong Temple Nankong Temple and Zhizhou Dali’s Zhangzhou People A city can make people feel like they must have some places where people can stop and read.
The city of Zhangzhou is not big, but it has endless elegance and style.
  Nankong Temple, Futai Mountain, Fangmen Street, Ancient City Wall, Shuiting Gate, Drum Tower, and Shangxia Street, the roots of these cities have fine and elegant temperament, just like the beauty of Yuezhong, let people see it.
  In the morning, the city can feel a kind of slowness and tranquility. This is the rhythm that I like. It can make my body and mind find the kind of comfort and leisure.
I walked along the street and wanted to see the Nantong Temple in the city center.
A reader wants to take a look at the construction of the Nan Confucius Temple, which is easy to understand.
  Nankong Temple is very easy to find.
Luzhou is a square city with square stability. The streets of the ancient city go straight up and down. The Confucius Temple is placed in the center of the ancient city. Opposite the Futai, the importance of the Nantong Temple in this city can be seen.
Since the Southern Song Dynasty, Kong Duanyou has moved the clan to this for more than 800 years.
However, the Nan Confucius Temple is chic and exquisite. After all, it is a work of Qian’an, which is inferior to the huge momentum of the North Confucius Temple. This also reflects the characteristics of Jiangnan.
I really want to know the influence of the Nan Confucius Temple on the character of the Luzhou people. In the subsequent contacts, I found that the friends in Luzhou were warm and welcoming and gentle.
  The hometown of Go said that Wuzhou has Wuxi River and Rotten Keshan.
The beautiful scenery of Wuxi River makes people feel very comfortable.
Our car passes through the road of Wuxi River. The whole seedlings are planted on both sides of the road. The orange trees are the most, one piece. The original city of Cangzhou is a city surrounded by forests and seas. It is a green city. If autumn comes, orangesMature, it must be beautiful.
  I learned from Liu Yuxi that “to the township is like a rotten Ke”.
It is said that there is a coward who sees the immortal chess in the rotten Keshan, forgets the return time, and waits for the chess piece to finish. The world has passed a hundred years, and even the axe handle that cuts the wood is rotten.
  The world connected this story with Go, so Rotten Keshan became the hometown of Go.
It is said that there are often many masters of Go to come to Ganzhou pilgrimage, and Zhangzhou has also held national chess competitions many times.
Nowadays, many children in Zhangzhou begin to learn chess at a very young age. Does Go have also cultivated the personality of Zhangzhou people, such as calm and savvy, such as judging the situation, at least the people who play chess must be full of wisdom.
Go is a wonderful work in Chinese culture. In addition to the Confucius Temple, there are many ways to showcase the charm of culture in Ganzhou.
The ancient city of Luzhou The ancient city of the book is fragrant. The exact age of Luzhou began in 482 BC, which is called the Spring and Autumn Period.
Because Zhangzhou shoud the west gate of Zhejiang, holding the southeast lock key, the position was rushing, and it was a battleground for the military. Therefore, the local bureaucrats of the dynasties all attached great importance to the urban construction of Chenzhou, leaving a rich historical and cultural heritage for future generations.
  Walking along Fangmen Street, it is Lixianmen, this is a chic pedestrian street, Xuanwa white wall, antique.
There is a bookstore on Fangmen Street. The smell of the ancient city’s book makes me feel warm.
From the bookstore, step out of the Lixian Gate, along the wall and you can go around the water pavilion door, stop on the edge of the Lijiang River.
Standing in front of the ancient wall with only the broken wall, looking at the slowly flowing Lijiang River, the heart has to sigh: how many cities are now monotonous, lost personality, and Zhangzhou people can protect their own history and culture, keep themselvesThe characteristics of this insistence are worthy of respect.
I think this is also the reason why Zhangzhou was selected as the “Experience of the Yangtze River Delta Expo Theme”.
  The most representative of eating in Ganzhou is the rabbit head, duck head and fish head.
If you don’t explain, you will add a lot of peppers. The taste is very heavy. I am a bit confused. I suspect that this is not in Zhejiang. It seems to be Jiangxi, which is not afraid of spicy.
Later, when I asked, I realized that only the people of Zhangzhou had the most serious taste.
In fact, the dish is a bit spicy and very good. It doesn’t matter how spicy it is. This is what the people of Zhangzhou will enjoy.
  A person walked from the lotus street, from the lower street to the street, the street that had just rained was clean and clean, and the eucalyptus tree with its eyes was full of fragrance and refreshing.