The wooden knife smiled slightly,Holding the chopper,A cat’s waist slaughtered towards the entrance of the Scarlet Moon Demon Cave。

Tu Shanming behind him was still not convinced, annoyed:“What kind of a sneak attack?You kind of move away first,I’ll fight you fair!I have to help the wooden knife!”
Huang Shaotian’s expression of disgust,Sword back,Lightly:“He is going to assassinate,It’s not a head-to-head confrontation,You can do it,Are you hiding like him??”
The voice has not fallen,Tu Shanming turned his head to take a look,I saw the wooden knife had slipped near the entrance of the cave,And the figure is gradually fading,As if it really became a transparent person。
Tu Shanming opened his mouth wide,The face is full of envy,Xindao has this kind of technique,Really amazing,If the wooden knife can come back alive,I have to ask him to learn this stealth technique if I say anything。
“He doesn’t want us in,I’m afraid we will ruin his good deeds!But we still have to go in。But not now。be good,Wait a while,After the wooden knife is moved,We go in and help him。”Huang Shaotian explained。
Tu Shanming suddenly realized,understood。
“what do you mean,Let him assassinate first,After getting it,He must be exposed,At this time we will go in to help,Meets both of them。”Tu Shanming asked。
“Exactly!Wait, then!”Huang Shaotian nodded,Shen Sheng。
The two waited patiently outside the cave,At this time, the wooden knife has already relied on the invisibility technique,Quietly touched the Chiyue Demon Lair。
The scene in front of you suddenly changed,An indescribable stench came from the nose.,That is the rancid smell peculiar to dark creatures。
In this Scarlet Moon Demon Lair,I don’t know how many bones of dark creatures are buried,Will accumulate such a strong smell。
The wooden knife came in,Almost choked。
But he reacted quickly,Hold your breath abruptly,Consolidate pores all over the body,Try not to leak a trace of breath。