But Zhongfu and others felt that the child’s brain was a little burnt,What baby is not baby?A flower pot,Still picked it up,If baby,Will they throw it away??

It’s good to have a dream,But you can’t have such unrealistic daydreams!
and,Who are you looking for?Does your friend have such talents??Or,Are there any good mixes among your friends?
Zhong Wenqiu knew that my parents would not believe it,So no more explanation。and,Talk more now,If it is judged that it is not a treasure,It is worthless,Then embarrassing。
therefore,Wait until the result comes out,Might be better。
He didn’t wait for his parents to react,Go out with a flower pot。
He passed by the shop selling their local souvenirs,Can’t help but walk in,I bought some pork pork and dried bamboo shoots,These are their specialty products in Yixing。
of course,In fact, dried bamboo shoots are also considered a specialty,Kind of hooligan。After all, bamboo shoots seem to be found in many places, right?There is no shortage of dried bamboo shoots。
In addition,Pork Pork,I still go to the store to eat more authentic,This kind of packaging is not so good。
Hu Yang and they went shopping for more than an hour,Populus did not make a move,On the contrary, Huazi has a lot of things in their hands,There is a little mess。
Because the value is not expensive,Plus Hu Ge is pointing aside,They’re welcome。
Like Fitch,Lin Lin spent more than a thousand yuan,But the total value of those objects is more than 30,000。Far inferior to Brother Hu,One piece is how many millions,But relatively speaking,They are quite satisfied。
Just when they take a break,The old man who wanted to buy the purple sand ink pad of Populus euphratica before found it,Holding a box in his hand,There should be a baby inside。
“Come,See if this thing can enter the eyes of your Dharma。”The old man passed the box。
Populus open,Inside is a pair of shiny walnuts。
Fitch、Wah Tsai、Xiaoli,And the audience in the live broadcast room were puzzled,doubt:Just this stuff,Worth two million?
Among them,Someone has heard of,Wenwan walnuts are indeed valuable,Tens of thousands of dollars。But one pair two million,An average of one million,Is it an exaggeration??
I saw this pair of walnuts are dignified and heavy,Side view,Full walnut belly,Stake shape upright,Pile short、Thick edges,Small and blunt,Deep and stretched lines,Big and thick bottom,Flat bottom。