However, the three of Wright have nothing to do,Be‘Night falls’In the range,Neither light nor sound can spread,Even the power of the soul is limited,Only the caster can be unrestricted!With this advantage,The three of them can’t help much。Nothing else,Wright, the strongest of the three, can’t fly,The flying Cecilia is weaker after all。

of course,As far as Wright knows,‘Night falls’This magic also has many disadvantages,For example,‘Night falls’The corrosive damage effect is very weak,At least there is no threat to the sanctuary powerhouse。Another example,After releasing this magic, a magician is needed to maintain,Hamlin may be able to release some level 8 or 9 instant magic while maintaining,But it is impossible to have the energy to release taboo magic at the same time。
but no matter,It’s all taboo magic,Power not to be underestimated。Of course none of the three mentioned the escape,After all, the battle is just weird,In fact, they are not at a disadvantage here,At least not on the surface。Second come,Pride and self-esteem do not allow them to do this。
‘Night’For three minutes。
“Huhuhu~”suddenly,Weird wind from‘Night falls’Come from。Wright’s eyesight can tell,Cyan rays from the black‘Night’Flash in。
Followed by,A teal hurricane hits the sky,One after another,Torn the night,Appeared in front of the three of Wright。
In the middle of the hurricane,Vaguely visible is the stalwart figure of Koland like a god。
But at the moment Wright’s face is not pretty。
If Koland’s figure is like a god driving the wind,Hamlin is like a demon in hell,The staff in his hand swallows darkness,The light is absorbed。And his whole body is surrounded by countless black tentacles,It is the signature method of dark magic‘Ice tentacles’!
However ordinary‘Ice tentacles’,There will never be so many,Not so smart。
Wright is truly heartbroken,Is the state of several other people。Goodie, known as the Iron Wall of the Empire, has more than half of his body on his right hand,All broken,,Lying on the ground。And most of the broken body,Between the tentacles beside Hamlin。
Bill·Sistan,The founding emperor of the Puang Empire,Sanctuary peak powerhouse,The body seems to be melted by some venom,The whole person is just bones,Wright can only tell his identity from his armor。
William Saint Magus lying on the ground,Pale,Faint breathing means he is still alive。
Winding black giant snake,The small half of the tail turns into mash,Most of the remaining body is wrapped in black smoke,As a dark warcraft,But was severely wounded and paralyzed by dark magic,Body seems immobile。But a pair of big eyes blinking means that its vitality is still strong enough。