With the guidance of the auctioneer,He Sinan finally entered the state,Raised his head and said:“Because this piece of Tai Sui was discovered by my grandfather from the jade mine,It is born on jade,All around is chalcedony,So we named it Chalcedony Tai Sui。

and,It also has a very special place,It’s just that it can be kept in its original shape only if it is filled with jade,Otherwise it will shrink。”He Sinan said loudly。
“Meat and mushrooms are like meat,Attached to Dashi,Head and tail have,No biological,The red is like a coral,The white is like fat,Black,The green man is like a green feather,Yellow is like purple gold,Every bright hole penetrates like ice。”
Downey is indeed a great auctioneer,I chanted an introduction text about Tai Sui。
“Well known,Tai Sui is blindly a precious medicinal material,And the number is scarce,The ancients even thought that eating Tai Sui could live forever。of course,People who think so have already ascended to heaven。
But this chalcedony is too old,It’s the first time I heard,Mr. Ho,What is the effect of this chalcedony Tai Sui??and also,How much do you plan to start?”
Following the inquiry from auctioneer Downey,The scene is silent,Everyone is waiting for He Sinan’s answer。
He Sinan paused for a moment,Looked up,Loudly:“Chalcedony Tai Sui can make you live longer。My grandpa,My grandpa,And my grandpa,All lived over ninety-five years old。
Used to have fist size,Now there is only so much left。As the saying goes,Rare is precious,I want a reserve price of HK$20 million。”
Chapter Five Hundred and Nine Strange peaks
He Sinan said this,Uproar。
Not to mention whether this so-called Chalcedony Tai Sui is really beneficial for life and longevity,But the starting price of 20 million,Has already made most people sigh。
In fact, these people present,There are not a few who can spend HK$20 million,but,The richer the family,The better at managing money and spending money,For something of unknown origin,It’s all because of He Sinan’s mouth,Dare to ask for 20 million,It’s just whimsical。