Others are also dubious,But they are also a little uneasy and want to leave here。

Because they want to see the reality,Then it’s settled down。
It’s almost time,Qin Feng also appeared at the signing venue。
Many hotel owners are watching Qin Feng,They want to learn something from Qin Feng。
“I’m glad you all come to today’s signing ceremony,I didn’t want to do this kind of thing,But I thought about it,How come the people in our village have to have this kind of normalization
I think you don’t need to worry about the fluctuation,Because their prices will definitely be fixed。
Qin Feng also directly provoked,Anyway, he knows exactly what those guys are like,That’s all hate him,So he doesn’t need to mind that much。
“Mary next door,I feel that this thing is also,The price is different every day,But our quantity has been maintained,In this case,Why do we always suffer like this??”
“Ha ha,Qin Feng boss,I wonder if your company’s vegetables are willing to sell?If you can stabilize the supply,We are willing to cooperate with you。”
“correct,We have always been treated like this,I feel a little wronged,If someone on your side is willing to give us some cooperation opportunities,Everyone will feel comfortable coming here?”
(End of this chapter)