Faster,otherwise,Was found,There is nothing!”Qin Feng didn’t even turn to look at Lin Youwei,Just walked earlier。

“Hey,you。”Lin You gritted his teeth slightly:“If nothing happens,I want you to look good!”
“Here?Is an intersection?”Lin Youwei is going crazy,This bastard,Actually brought myself to the sewer。
Do you know,My old lady called someone over just now,If nothing happens later,,How can my old lady gain a foothold in the law enforcement station?!
“hiss。”Qin Feng really thinks why this little girl suddenly got up,The previous few meetings were not all strong women、Performance of violent law enforcement officers?
but,such,Seems a little more feminine,More beautiful!
“You go down,Really,Trust me。”Finished,Qin Feng jumped straight down。
Although there are three、Four meters high,But for him,Count。
“so tall,How do you tell me to get down?”Lin Youwei wants to hit someone,But people jumped down again,Very angry,Stomped angrily。I gritted my teeth in the end,Jumped down。
She has a feeling,It should be something really happened。
But the height of two meters,For her,Still a big challenge。
It could have used the open ground to unload,But the place is not big,And it’s black,There is only a ray of light in the distance。If this is surrounded by walls,It’s not over yet。
Regret in my heart,Jump early,Should prepare more,Look at the environment!
Was cheated by Qin Feng,Watch him jump down lightly,Thought it was not high,did not expect,so tall……
When can I get rid of this frizz、Carelessness!
“Enough?Want me to keep holding?”Qin Feng said to the little girl in his arms。
“what。”Lin Youwei is a little embarrassed。
He was done and twisted his ankle,I was miserably prepared,So after jumping down, I closed my eyes,There is a feeling of resignation。