Qiao Tianyu’s first thought was naturally GEODIS,But since GEODIS disappeared inexplicably,He’s like evaporating from the world,Never seen again,Qiao Tianyu has nowhere to find him。

Except for GEODIS,Who else can help Qiao Tianyu find the man behind the scenes??
Qiao Tianyu racked his brains for a while,All the people I know since I was born again,I thought about everything I experienced before and after,As a result, a name suddenly jumped to Qiao Tianyu’s eyes—Cui Kai!
Correct!Cui Kai!
There are too many doubts about that kid!
After this time of contact,Qiao Tianyu is very sure,Regardless of Cui Kai’s trading methods,,Or the ability to control the field,Definitely not under Qiao Tianyu,But such an outstanding talent,Why would you be willing to serve as a waiter for Cui Laosan??
And Cui Kai hinted to Qiao Tianyu more than once,He and Qiao Tianyu had a lot of intersections in China before,It seems that both of them are in the same door,Received the same education。
But every time Qiao Tianyu digs deeper,Cui Kai is silent again,Stop talking,By the way, what is Cui Kai hiding?,What message does he want to convey to Qiao Tianyu,He still knows what Qiao Tianyu doesn’t know,Who is he?
This series of questions had to make Qiao Tianyu a little wary of Cui Kai,It seems this buddy is definitely not easy,Maybe you can dig out the information Qiao Tianyu wants from him!
Thought of here,Qiao Tianyu made up his mind,He must quickly straighten out the zero point fund,Then immediately fly to Zurich to find Cui Kai,Must dig out the secrets of that kid!
After making up your mind,Sleepiness strikes again,Qiao Tianyu yawned and lay on the bed tilted his head to sleep。
This sleep can be described as dimly sleeping,Slept from morning till dark,Waiting for Qiao Tianyu to stretch out of bed and sit up,This reminds me of my teacher, Professor Friedman。
Qiao Tianyu slept well this time,But the teacher, Professor Friedman, hasn’t eaten all day,Qiao Tianyu is too unqualified as a student!
Thought of here,Qiao Tianyu quickly got up and got dressed,I came to the door of Professor Friedman’s room next door and knocked for a long time,Who knows Professor Friedman didn’t stop typing out,I knocked the hotel attendant。
The hotel attendant told Qiao Tianyu,The old man in that room has checked out at noon,But before the old man leaves, the waiter will give a letter to Qiao Tianyu next door。
Heard that Professor Friedman has left,Qiao Tianyu knows that the teacher doesn’t want to bother herself to go to Chicago to see him off,However, Qiao Tianyu was quite surprised when the teacher left a letter before leaving.,Didn’t the teacher say anything this morning??
After Qiao Tianyu thanked the hotel attendant,So he returned to his room with a slightly heavier letter,As soon as he entered the door, Qiao Tianyu couldn’t wait to open the envelope。
The result surprised Qiao Tianyu,When the petition was opened, there was only one pen inside,There is no more piece of paper,Without any calligraphy。
What does it mean that Professor Friedman left this pen??