The second sword points out。

The slender blade is like a white air snake,Quickly shot from the highest point of the Mausoleum Hill,And turned into a white maniac in Nan Lingsha’s eyes!
Anaconda twists its body,Sweeping,Smart and powerful,You can see those flying dragons hovering in the air,Was swept down by this sword-qi python!
Many dragon shepherds are on their backs,They were originally suppressed by Jianying Mountain, and they escaped from high altitude,Unexpectedly, I wish Minglang’s second sword came out so quickly,And that snake-qi python is completely a god python,The sky is so wide,But can’t tolerate any dragon beast hovering!
“Third sword!”
Zhu Minglang sword withdrawn suddenly,And this withdrawal,But it shook the tomb mountain。
Nan Lingsha has noticed,There are countless air threads on the sword in Zhu Minglang’s hand,When he swiftly returned to the sword, these air strands seemed to have evacuated all the surrounding air。
Followed by,On the tomb of the Nine Army,There was a terrifying sword howl,Like a thousand horses galloping from a distance,More like a real tsunami,Everyone in it,Dizzy,The internal organs are misaligned, just as uncomfortable!
“Fourth sword!”
With a sigh of Zhu Minglang。
There are nine tomb peaks in the Tomb of the Nine Army,But for some reason there are countless terrible cracks,Looking from above the lost wall and above the tower,The tomb of the Ninth Army looks like it was torn apart by something,Shocking rift valleys have even appeared in some places!
Above the tower,Yun Zhonghe, the chief disciple of the Sword Sect in Yaoshan, was stunned.。
He looked at the tomb of the Ninth Army that was torn apart by Zhu Minglang’s fourth sword,Then slowly turned his gaze to Wu Feng, the uncle next to him。
No one ever told him,Sword Falling Formation is a sword technique!