This woman has money with her eyes,She just made this one,Not for money,Wang Youcai knows her best。because of this,They can only be friends of the opposite sex,Wang Youcai’s heart is clear。

When it gets dark,Wang Youfa brought Qin Shuifeng to the hospital。This woman has been in Pingdu for a few days,But she never returned to Xiping Village,Staying in the hotel。
“Yo!Shuifeng is here,Why don’t you come to play at home?!“Chen Yueqin said haha,In fact, she really didn’t catch a cold at all to this wife。
Qin Shuifeng smiled faintly at Chen Yueqin,Then turned his head to Wang Degui and asked:“Uncle heard that he was injured,What’s the situation now?“
“Minor injury,Nothing。Don’t come if you are busy“Wang Degui said,I glanced at Wang Youfa a little unhappy。
Wang Youfa smiled and said:“Dad was injured this time because of wealth,Good for this guy,People have already slipped away。But the monk can’t run to the temple,Dad’s medical expenses this time,He has to pay by himself“
“this is necessary,If Uncle didn’t enter the mountain because of him,Won’t be like this,What’s the money?“Qin Shuifeng said with help。
Wang Degui saw Wang Youfa’s face,He couldn’t help but said coldly:“Rich he is not a fool,Know what to do“Wang Degui said,He drew two stacks of banknotes from under the quilt and placed them in front of Wang Youfa。
Most people may be embarrassed,But people like Wang Youfa laughed and said:“Is this money not enough?!Dad hurt so badly,80,000 if you don’t have one hundred thousand!“Wang You sent a letter,The lion has a big mouth,He feels so rich。
“I can’t die,Not as exaggerated as you said“Wang Degui said,Put his face to the side angrily。
Chen Yueqin sees it,It’s also not coming from one place,She waved her hand and said:“Go ahead!Don’t come again,Just have me,As for money,I really don’t have to worry about you。Even if Wang Youcai doesn’t take a cent out,,I’ll take care of your dad’s injury“
Wang Youfa didn’t expect that his father and mother would not wait to see him,But he doesn’t want to stay here too,So I borrowed the donkey from the slope,He laughed and said:“it is good!There are a lot of things in the factory during this time,I won’t come,Just call me if anything”
“Let’s go, Director Wang,I won’t call you”Chen Yueqin almost sent Wang You out。
When these two couples leave,Wang Degui couldn’t help but breathe out:“I didn’t expect these three sons,One is worse than one,They have broken their minds”
“The boss was pretty good before,How did it become like this now?”Chen Yueqin looked blank,She really doesn’t understand。
Wang Degui sighed from time to time in the ward,It makes him feel more uncomfortable than the injury。
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Everything is ready,I owe Dongfeng。