Core Value Besong Forum Sixty-sixth

Yang Xiaohui Northeast Normal University Party Committee Secretary, Professor, Ph.D. tutor.

He is currently a member of the seventh discipline of the State Council, an expert in the National Social Science Fund Discipline Program and an expert, a national publishing fund review expert, and the Ministry of Education’s New Century Excellent Talent Support Program. He has served as the Vice Chairman of China’s Entrepreneurship Education Alliance, and the vice president of the China Higher Education Society, the Ideological and Political Education Branch. Theoretical research and practice innovation in the field of ideological and political education, the main research direction includes the research of socialist core values ??Education, Ideological and Political Education International Comparative Research and Research on Practical Innovation in College Ideological and Political Work, etc., forming a major realistic issue – oriented , A series of research results have been made in research models with cross-cultural comparison.

He successively presided over 15 research projects such as major projects in the National Social Science Fund, the Philosophy and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education. In the high-level newspapers in the "Maxist Research" "Education Research", there are more than 70 academic papers.

In the People’s Publishing House, the National Institutions such as Higher Education Press (including teaching materials).